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Hexit #thoughtpiece #shortstory

Sacha Black has asked us to write about hugs, here. I know there was a word limit but it didn’t happen. Sorry Hug let out a sigh. It had been a tiring day, gripping for so long every part of … Continue reading

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Beware a politician bearing gifts   #writespiration #shortstory #flashfiction

She remembered two things from her first day as a minister – all political careers end in failure and nothing’s forgotten more quickly than a reshuffled minister. And here she was being reshuffled to let ‘Big Beast’ Bertrand Collins back … Continue reading

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An Easter Mystery

‘How long before it reaches the surface?’ ‘I’d say we have twenty minutes.’ ‘Do we know what it is? Have forensics been contacted?’ ‘They’ll not touch it until it’s surfaced. All we can do is wait and see. Whichever way … Continue reading

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Grief that first time

Punch and Mum, circa 1960 Sometimes, amongst the flippancy and frivolity, there’s different emotion lurking. Sacha Black offers prompts weekly at Writespiration Punch leading the way out of the box… This week it is Write about a nostalgia that hurts … Continue reading

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Strange goings on in the ‘hood – a story

‘So there were just the two of you when he entered the property you say?’ ‘To be accurate, officer, only my grandmother was home. I turned up after he had effected his entry.’ ‘The wolf?’ ‘How many times must I … Continue reading

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