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The Erosion Of Hope #writephoto #flashfiction

The Erosion Of Hope For longer than people knew the two figures had stood sentinel, staring out on to the North Sea, watching, forever watching those tumultuous waves. They weren’t ancient, but their origins were unknown and many a passerby, … Continue reading

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The Just Right Royalty #writephoto #shortfiction

Gruinard the Abashed couldn’t complain. Not really. After all, as was constantly pointed out by the Court Sycophants he was Heir to the Throne, commonly considered a dish, comely of aspect and sturdy of build. He held a pose, he … Continue reading

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The Road To Hell #writephoto #flashfiction

Roger Penstick didn’t begrudge helping his old friend. It had been hard watching him slip into that cloudy state where the absent-minded forgetfulness that meant you couldn’t remember where your car keys were became the tormented senility that meant you … Continue reading

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Between A Rock And A Sore Place  

‘Morning Captain.’ ‘Morning Staff. What’s on the agenda today?’ ‘I’m really excited about the first one. It was in the quiz the other night…’ ‘Bit of a geek, aren’t you?’ ‘No, listen Captain. This is cool. Name five of the … Continue reading

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When Living The Life Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be #writephoto

Extract from the Hades Herald series: ‘Time Fillers For Infinity: Jobs For The Dead.’ Interview conducted When Living Temerity Plain. Zelda Bywater is a Portal Management Volunteer who has been helping the recently departed to cross over since her own … Continue reading

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Busted #writephoto #flashfiction

Fragrance Pourboire clickety-clacked across the parquet to where Jonas Umbilical waited, camera swinging from his wrist in what was rather too obviously irritation. ‘They’re ready, Jonas.’ ‘About time. I haven’t all day just for some publicity shots you know.’ ‘Sorry, … Continue reading

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Send In The Clouds #writephoto #flashfiction

Celia Pomeroy pressed the intercom. ‘Yes?’ ‘Mrs Pomeroy?’ Whoever was at the front gate sounded cheerful. Celia wished she could muster such bonhomie. ‘It’s Rebecca. From Landscape Cleaners?’ ‘Lands…? Oh are you here about our aspect?’ Thank heavens, she thought. … Continue reading

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