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Word Optimism

The photos in this piece are from the recent wedding; there is a reason for that so read on. I read a piece today, quoting Susie Dent, who may be known to British readers as the wordsmith on the TV … Continue reading

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Life, Times, Rants #grumble #whinge

We do live in some interesting times in the UK, with a self-confessed reincarnated olive as our premier and with the Transylvanian Member for the eighteenth century in charge of the House of Commons and who has issued his own … Continue reading

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When Speaking Welsh Is An Art Form

There are times when the ‘What Is Art?’ conundrum raises its ugly mug and leaves the listener unsure. Charli Mills prompt this week was triggered by someone feeling words on the page couldn’t amount to a sketch and thus did not … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Adverbs….

One of those writing ‘rules’ that makes me grumble into my vegetable broth and rattle my dentures is ‘kill the adverbs’. It’s the same with their old cousins ‘adjectives’; in the Game of Thrones style of editing where whole families … Continue reading

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Let’s kill all the words

I read a comment piece criticising the OED for the new words that it had added to its dictionary. Twerk was the particular word in question. The commentator suggested it was dumbing down the OED even though to twirk something … Continue reading

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