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Clouds On The Horizon #writephoto

This week’s #writephoto prompt took me in a somewhat bizarre direction. I blame the weather… Arturo Despot shuffled his feet nervously. He’d been sure he’d come up with a nailed on certainty, but pleasing Artemis Poltroon was not easy. Not … Continue reading

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Come Friendly Clouds, You Aren’t Fit For Humans Now #shortstory #humour

Jonathan Isobar rubbed his eyes and sighed. This was ridiculous. How did they think he did his job? Magic? His desk phone rang and he jabbed his finger on the speaker button. ‘What, Sprinkle?’ Sprinkle Mizzle’s chirpy voice, redolent of … Continue reading

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For the last two years I’ve joined in the #atozchallenge, namely to post every weekday in April using each letter of the alphabet in turn. In 2015 it was places I’d been to, in 2016 it was London themed. This … Continue reading

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