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Week Thirty-Six: 2022

A week of official mourning and a bit of gardening. Everything seems to be on hold, politics especially. It makes for an oddly echoing sort period, normal things done to a background of abnormal quiet… Since the coffin arrived from … Continue reading

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Week Twenty-Eight: 2022

As mentioned elsewhere, this is a ‘Phew! What a Scorcha!’ Of a week. Records of this and that and the other kind are likely to tumble. I’m going to try and stay indoors and out of the heat. I may … Continue reading

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Week Eleven: 2022

I think I can now say I’ve recovered from my week of non-skiing. I’ve focused on all things green and sunny, eschewing anything white and fluffy. The neighbour’s cat has had a hard time, I can tell you. It was … Continue reading

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Another Take Away

We watched a TV programme last night about the obesity crisis, looking for who to blame. Not sure there’s one person/group/department but what was interesting were some of the facts. They focused on the Mile End Road in east London, … Continue reading

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And Repeat…

News yesterday told us of the battle between the musical behemoths of Adele, Ed Sheehan and Coldplay, all of whom want to corner the vinyl printing market for their new albums in time for the Christmas spendfest. Now forgive for … Continue reading

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Green And Pleasant

After a short spell in the suburban desert of North Surrey, I was lucky enough to live in the depths of the New Forest, which, for those of you not familiar with the intimate details of England is one hundred … Continue reading

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Shoes Have No Soul

I bought new shoes for the forthcoming nuptials. Brown lace ups from Sons of London, an online emporia of gentlemen’s shoddery. This was under instruction from the happy couple to ensure I am fully compliant with the tonal requirements of … Continue reading

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So What Does It Make Me?

There are many ways in which my wife and I are different. Fr’instance if we are driving on a road with two or more lanes and one of the lanes begins to disappear – the road narrows or there are … Continue reading

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Perfectly Adequate

Someone asked me what I was good at at school and I had to think. I did okay at school, had my moments in both history and maths but I never succeeded so well as to be top of the … Continue reading

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Surreal In The Here And Now

I found myself in the Tate Modern the other day, preparing to take in the Dorothea Tanning exhibition. For those of you who don’t know Dorothea’s work, she was a surrealist painter, who married Max Ernst. She was born in … Continue reading

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