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Toe To Toe, Cheek To Cheek

The Textiliste and I have been dancing for many years now and have developed a decent repertoire of Latin and Ballroom classics. There’s this myth about dancing, that the man leads. Fortunately same sex dancing has knocked that on its … Continue reading

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The Big One (ish)

On the radio today, there was a reference to a kindness test, that followed a programme on BBC Radio 4. It’s worth a listen if this link works. It made me think about that age old philosophical conundrum, asked of … Continue reading

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Brewing Up Some History #memorylane

I was shifting some post wedding stuff and realised we still had a fair bit of beer. Made me a bit nostalgic and I mentioned this to a couple of chaps on a walk. That led to a discussion on … Continue reading

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A Change Of Gear #thoughts

It’s a happy week, this lead up to No.1 son’s nuptials on Saturday. There’s lots to do, what with the reception happening at home. I’ve a lot of jobs to do and while I do them I listen to the … Continue reading

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In The Time Of Covid

It’s been 18 months given or take… so what lessons can we take away from ticking pandemic off our collective bucket lists? Ten unexpected consequences of Covid: 1. Being a positive person is no longer the exclusive preserve of optimists … Continue reading

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And It Makes You Wonder…

I love the Olympics. I tell myself I don’t care but it grips me. Partly it’s the black and white nature of sporting success and failure, the distillation of the human condition in microcosm. But it also brings to the … Continue reading

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Sticky With Laughter

Today is a good day. I know the old saying ‘nothing good can come of a day which starts with having to get out of bed’ but I’m not of that view. Certainly not today. No, today is a day … Continue reading

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Bloody Hell

This does not paint me in a good light, hence a few pictures of Dog at the end to ease the guilt… I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly generous soul. Magnanimous. Not given to fits of envy… In … Continue reading

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2020, One Heck Of A Year #garden #forwardlooking

Everyone suddenly burst out singing;And I was filled with such delightAs prisoned birds must find in freedom,Winging wildly across the whiteOrchards and dark-green fields; on – on – and out of sight. When the page turned and we headed into … Continue reading

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Back To Front #peace #quiet

As I look out into my garden I see a lot of green, a lot of growth. Buds poking through the loam, next year’s plants making an early bid for freedom. What is that? Norman renewal, evidence (again) of climate … Continue reading

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