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Eyes Up! #writephoto #flash

Sue’s prompt this week is Candice Charming pushed Thomas Reedy back into line. This Year Four were undoubtedly the worst year yet. ‘Mandy, leave Gerry alone.’ She caught her colleague, Millie Stammler’s smile and feigned a heart attack. ‘So what … Continue reading

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All Things White And Wonderful #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s prompt this week is There are days when all the planets seem to align and the world is a better place. In countries plagued by drought a warm sun is interspersed with refreshing showers to feed stressed crops … Continue reading

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Deer, deer #writephoto #prompt

It’s been a while since I did one of Sue’s #writephoto prompts but here we go again…. The Misocrimbalist* In a world of superheroes Vernon Ongar wasn’t your typical vigilante. He wore corduroy to begin with and parted his hair … Continue reading

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The Lonely Hearth #writephoto #flashfiction

This week’s #writephoto picture prompt is this ‘You started a fire, then, Didi?’ ‘What? Yes, I did. He said to get right on to it. He was really insistent.’ ‘He’s made it, has he? About bloody time. I’m starving. What … Continue reading

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A wave of problems #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt this week is Science is wonderful at theorising. The dinosaurs died out because of an asteroid strike off the coast of Mexico. Krakatoa’s appearance led to a mini ice age. And so on. When an exceptionally … Continue reading

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Being Creative #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s challenge this week is this picture for her #writephoto prompt World View  The first time Nelson Brown was warned about ‘being a creative’ was in year three when he sculpted a face during a trip to the beach. … Continue reading

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Getting a handle on things #writephoto #flashfiction

 Sue Vincent’s prompt this week is Worple the Cantankerous was, for many years, a fringe gremlin, tolerated but not taken seriously by the elite troublemakers of his breed. His ideas, based around simple old-fashioned biting and scratching, were deemed outmoded … Continue reading

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