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Taking Stock(holm) #holidays #sweden #stockholm

In 2009 the Textiliste and I holidayed in Stockholm as part of a cross Scandi break. This is a repeat of a 2015 post based on my journal and memories… So what springs to mind when Stockholm is mentioned? Abba? … Continue reading

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Travels with myself: Taking Stock-holm

So what springs to mind when Stockholm is mentioned? Abba? Socialist utopia? Large tax bills? Neutrality? Nobel Prizes? Herring? I suppose all of these. The first impression however is  of water. It is everywhere. And how visual the city is. … Continue reading

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A Swede and a Turnip went into a bar…

When we left Denmark, here, we caught a train across the Oresund Bridge. It’s big, bloody humongous, actually. And the train is comfortable so it is easy to drift off, unless you are in the middle of reading Iain M … Continue reading

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X is for Xanadu

Xanadu: an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place. X was always going to be difficult so I thought I’d give you my top ten places that I’ve enjoyed more than most and which haven’t already appeared in the list to date (and … Continue reading

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