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Singapore Stories: the finale

  We are packing for home. The same amount of clothes that we came with seem bigger. Or maybe the fact they’re dirty means they have grown. Whatever the reason it’s difficult to push down the lid. Perhaps there’s a … Continue reading

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Singapore Part 2: nature and Nationhood

What do National Celebrations tell you about a country? Its confidence? Its personality? There is a danger in stereotyping. In the UK we don’t do National Days. Partly our aggrandizing past has embedded an embarrassment that makes such an event … Continue reading

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Cambodia Tales Day 1: silk and scenery

We are in Cambodia. Today we visited the vast Angkor Thom complex with its mix of temples and palaces, incorporating Buddhist and Hindu influences and stunning sights. I’m blown away when I think this was all being built while the … Continue reading

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Singapore and Stories Day 3: of tea and pickles

  It I had this habit. Rather unfortunate for a leader of men. Well, head of a department at a rather large and self regarding law firm. It was that I kipped a fair bit. You know, took a nap, … Continue reading

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Singapore and Stories Day 2: cultural dummies

A while back London did this thing with cows. Or was it Bristol did cows and we did bears? Large polyester figurines painted by a mix of artists, celebrities, ne’er-do-wells and schoolchildren and then auctioned in some worthy fundraiser. I … Continue reading

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Dick Head Tours (In Liquidation) #travel #bloggingholiday

People who have read this blog for a while will be aware of my inability to organise a holiday without any administrative cock-ups. My father, famously, described my vacation planning as being akin to ‘Dick Head Tours’. As the holidaying … Continue reading

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