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Corona: Part Ten #short story in instalments

Janice sunk into a brown velour-covered winged armchair, defeated. Her brain focused on the windows to the front but some sort of shrub blocked a view of the street. It was hopeless. Meanwhile Christopher fussed with the tea things. She … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Eight #short story #instalments

Janice nearly gave up then and there. If she hadn’t already told Godfrey, who she sensed was watching her, she might have turned and run away. Instead she took a deep breath and opened the door. “Hello?” Silence. Taking several … Continue reading

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Keeping Stable #blogbattle #shortfiction

The young man presented well, Priastotle the Guide thought. Hair neatly brushed, dust free sandals, starched but not stiff toga and knees that suggested devotion but not deviancy. ‘Name?’ ‘Tom.’ ‘Tom? That’s a bit, you know, Northern.’ ‘’It’s actually Thromboid … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Seven

Janice stared at the diffident man facing the camera. It looked like it was taken in a back garden, maybe at a barbecue. He had the same hooded eyes in the twenty-year old’s picture she had, but now there was … Continue reading

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Sam Smith’s Story #prompt #weirdencounters

In her post, here, Sam Smith recounted a strange encounter she had and asked us to speculate what it might mean. This is a summary of that encounter and my take on the reasons for it. Coming towards me was … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Six

Margate was drab. A mean wind blew in from the North Sea, spinning the off-shore turbines but otherwise doing little good, or so it seemed to Janice. She hunched into her coat as she walked quickly from the station, past … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Five #shortstory #instalments

Janice Scrutt had trouble sleeping. The idea that her marriage was – what? Illegal? Certainly immoral was horrendous. Thinking of what her own mother would say of it, with her pinched Baptist beliefs and small village certainties, she broke out … Continue reading

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