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Singapore Part 2: nature and Nationhood

What do National Celebrations tell you about a country? Its confidence? Its personality? There is a danger in stereotyping. In the UK we don’t do National Days. Partly our aggrandizing past has embedded an embarrassment that makes such an event … Continue reading

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Cambodia Day 6: Of Palaces, Picnics and Museum Pieces

Today was sweltering. An early start to the Royal Palace was decreed. If Buckingham Palace and a Swiss Chalet hybridised and moved to Essex this is what you might get. This though is French, built in the 1880s when under … Continue reading

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Consequences #writephoto #shortstory

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt this week are two pictures Inside Out Consequences It takes one careless slip and one coincidence to threaten humanity, so fragile is our existence. D minus two: Albert Cockerill banged the dashboard of his van. Out of … Continue reading

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Realising Your Limits #parenting

March 2009 Sophie cleared the plates. Mark, her son, back from university for Easter didn’t help. In her head she told him what she thought. ‘So any plans for the summer?’ ‘Huh?’ He was already at his phone. ‘What? Yeah. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Delivery #microcosms #shortstory

This was written for Microcosms 69 using the prompt of character: Postman/mailman; place: castle; genre: romance.   ‘A new van?’ Marge walked round her son, Herbies’ shiny new vehicle. It was very red and full of fancy equipment. ‘Management have been pushing for this, ever … Continue reading

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Garden of Eden #shortstory #blogbattle

This is written in response to Rachael’s weekly blog battle, using the word ‘Garden’ and genre ‘Fantasy’ as prompts  Drognad the Green lent on his hoe and mopped his brow. The double suns of the First Spring were intense this … Continue reading

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Things Can Only Get Better #flashfrenzy #flashfiction

George found eye contact difficult. He’d read somewhere that you could only really make eye contact with five people a day before you frazzled your brain so he was sparing with his gaze. Some people thought him odd, others shy … Continue reading

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