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Corona Revisited

I wrote this multipart short story a while ago. I’m planning on including it in a my latest book of short fiction, as something a bit different. Before I do, I wondered if a few of you might read it … Continue reading

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And Is That It? #shortfiction

It’s been a bit of a bloody year, one way or another. I found myself in my local garage and overheard a couple of locals having a few problems of their own… Tyring Of 2022 ‘Good morning, Gentlemen? Who’s first?’ … Continue reading

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The Intimacy Of Sash Windows

I’m editing a book of short fiction; it comprises some stories I’ve posted here. This is one such, but I don’t think this works completely. I’m not sure why. Does anyone have any suggestions to improve it? I’m not sure … Continue reading

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An Extraordinary Era – Gone, Never Forgotten

Of course, I knew it would happen but now it has and it’s unreal. Surreal. The Queen, Our Queen, My Queen is dead. I’ve not known anything else than an Elizabethan era. And now it’s a retrospective. It’s quite easy … Continue reading

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Counting One’s Cloud #flashfiction

Tippy Peacemeal couldn’t fault her childhood, with its abundance of ice cream, fluffy pets and benign aunts. The only time her happiness wavered was in the first six months of her senior school, when, aged 11 and sixteen twenty-sevenths, she … Continue reading

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History Repeats

‘She’s there, just by the shore.’ Sarah glanced nervously at Martine, hoping for some response. Any response. ‘How far?’ Sarah sighed. Martine was like the others. ‘About 200 yards, at two o’clock. She’s staring out to sea.’ Of course she … Continue reading

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Life And Soul #shortfiction #flashfiction

Every year I collected together the pieces of short fiction I’ve written into an anthology. The current set I’m working on is from 2019 and it can be a challenge. The most difficult bit, as the writers amongst you may … Continue reading

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Oh What Is He Thinking?

I wrote this short piece a while ago. I thought I might try recording it to see if I could use it as a template for more recordings. My friend the Music Producer did the techy stuff. His verdict? I … Continue reading

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Oh B*ckit. #writephoto

This week’s picture for #writephoto prompt is ‘Where’s Poseidon?’ ‘Getting the ice creams. Oh and Neptune’s bucket has a hole in it so Poseidon said he’d see if they have another.’ ‘Did you tell him it must be blue? You … Continue reading

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Deceptive Perfection #blogbattle

This month’s #blogbattle is ‘pastoral’. To many, the scene was idyllic, a pastoral splendour redolent of Ye Olde England, the Darling Buds of May and a simpler, more honest time. To Evan Elpus is was the epitome of dull. No … Continue reading

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