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When Getting Your Roots Done Is Just A Protest #writephoto

Whip Willow and Twigs Birch stood, aghast. Twigs spoke first. ‘Did you know?’ Whip shook convulsively. ‘Just there was this old lady who needed her roots doing. Nothing like this.’ ‘She doesn’t need a prune, she needs a digger. How … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley And The Seven Gnomes (Oh, And A Stone Frog)

‘What is it, girlfriend?’ Pearl Barley, five foot and small change and built for comfort not speed hurried towards her front door. Her hair pulled her back. ‘Hold on. We’re not going out with me looking like an overwrought bramble … Continue reading

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Being Royal Can Be Normal #shortfiction

‘Hello,I… Oh My God!’ Jemima Preston took a step back. ‘Are you…? I mean… Him?’ The balding, smiling man nodded, ‘Yep. William Windsor. You were expecting me? Odd Jobs For Normal People.’ ‘Well, yes, I suppose. I did book for … Continue reading

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Fighting The Good Fight, One Semi At A Time

George ‘Bad Ass’ Potts wanted to be a terrorist. He had weighed up the career options and decided this one suited the mix of his personality (prefers own company, likes fires) and technical skills (good at not being seen, always … Continue reading

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God Service #shortstory #fantasy

Margery Plankton pushed her spectacles up her nose and read the letter again. When the postman delivered it, she had been instinctively dribbloidle with anticipation. The last letter she had received – which had been anything other than a demand … Continue reading

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Life, Death And Everything Inbetween #shortstory

Someone slowly opened the window to let him drink in what he knew to be his very last sunrise. It was time. It was about time. The someone spoke. ‘Are you ready, James?’ He was. He’d never been more ready. … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley and Gnorman Gnome

Pauline at The Contented Crafter wrote a post recently in which a small gnome took a meaningful role. One thing followed another and the suggestion followed that I write a short story about the Gnome. Pauline kindly allowed me to use … Continue reading

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