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An Opening For A Superhero #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto is this The Shadow ran a finger round his T shirt (black, naturally). The woman seemed unsure of her footing as she scrambled down the bank. The Shadow rubbed his back. He’d helped far too many people … Continue reading

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I Have A Dream #shortstory #flashfiction

‘I’m having this dream. It starts with me in the dark. Gradually my eyes adjust. At first I don’t hear anything but as the shapes appear the noises start, like a cawing like crows only deeper…’ ‘Are they birds?’ ‘I … Continue reading

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The Curious Buttocks Of Norris Soffit #writephoto #flashfiction

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt this week is  Norris Soffit stood on the concrete slipway and studied the sea. He itched all to buggery in his new-to-him wetsuit (its previous owner, a part time dominatrix claimed to be allergic to Croatian … Continue reading

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Where Now? #short story #homelessness

I almost walked past. You do, don’t you? But I said, ‘Is that you, James? James Simcox?’ He lifted his head, like a weight was attached. There was something in his eyes – or maybe something missing – that made … Continue reading

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The Food Of The Gods #shortstory

‘And this week on Eat or be Eaten we are going through the Archimedes window. And our guest is Mr Colin Odysseus of Epic Villas, Cheam. Now Mr Odysseus, or can I call you Colin?’ ‘I prefer the Traveller, Mrs … Continue reading

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And The Winner Is…

I don’t do many competitions. It’s something to do with confidence and chutzpah and ego (a lack of the former and an instinct that tells me not to pander to the two latter imposters) but Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver contest … Continue reading

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Taking The Positives #gardening #shortstory

A glorious day, one for exploring the garden. Spring is with us and temperatures will be up into the 20s centigrade this week. Yet we still have standing water in the paths at the far end of the garden. Next … Continue reading

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