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Fluted #blogbattle #shortfiction

LeAnne Perrin considered herself the epitome of the have-it-all modern woman. She had two beautiful – everyone said so – children; a modest, diligent, loving partner – they consciously refused to wed, despite the emotional blackmail of her mother, declaring … Continue reading

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Legging It #writephoto #shortfiction

‘Stop, or forfeit!’ Martin Underlay stopped and frowned. The voice sounded intimidating but its source remained hidden. Was this some teenage trick? He took half a step towards the bridge and squealed as what appeared to be a small hairy … Continue reading

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Dancing In The Dark #writephoto

Sebastian Clunt blinked. He blinked a lot; it had become his go to way of avoiding answering awkward questions but now, rather than a tactic this was instinctive. He couldn’t believe his eyes which, since his whole existence revolved around … Continue reading

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The Front #shortstory #flashfiction

Maisie gasped for air and wondered why the young woman was in the mask. ‘Is it the doodlebug,’ she wondered but she was so tired and breathing hurt. She should ask. Maybe it was gas. Papa said they’d use gas. … Continue reading

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Power Doesn’t Necessarily Corrupt #shortfiction

When George Conduit accidentally electrocuted himself while trying to fix a malfunctioning depilator for Norma Primate, his overly hirsute podiatrist, he didn’t enter the Hereafter with any particular expectations. As a practicing Nano-Buddhist, he wondered if the stories of reincarnation … Continue reading

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Something To Crow About #shortstory

‘Hello?’ ‘Sorry? Did you…?’ ‘Speak? Yes.’ ‘But you’re…?’ ‘A crow. Yes.’ ‘How…?’ ‘Right now “why” is more pressing.’ Jim Pale stood back. This was a joke. Some teen’s trick. Or one of those TV shows making a fool of him. … Continue reading

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Mr Dandy and the Chalk Door #shortstory #lifeinagrainofsand

Lucy loved her daddy, but he was a very important man and she knew she mustn’t disturb him at work. Her mummy had brought her in to see him – her mummy had been angry with him; Lucy didn’t understand … Continue reading

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