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The Help #shouldbewritingbutamponderinginstead

Nano is time consuming. Useful, sure. Satisfying, eventually. Fun? Well yes and no. It seems to involve a lot of bashing at the keyboard – my ‘e’ is looking pasty and, oddly, my ‘s’ has developed a squint – followed … Continue reading

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Life, Who Knew #lifeinaflash

This time, two years ago I was floggging through Nano – the National Novel Writing Month – trying to write 30 short stories in 30 days, each 1667 words long. They had to be in a variety of styles, genres, … Continue reading

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A Full Set #microcosms #flashfiction

Cab driver; New York; horror Bhatal pulled his cab into the parking lot and sighed. Another shift, another bunch of New York’s crazies. He cricked his neck and swept up the debris of his day. Dumping all bar his flask … Continue reading

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Tights and Super Thighs #flashfiction

Superman showed up on my doorstep at a most inopportune time. Another torn cape and laddered tights. ‘Tuesday,’ he said. ‘I need them by Tuesday.’ It’s not that I begrudge the work. Playing a small part keeping our Superheroes working … Continue reading

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Living In The Shadows #writephoto

Sue’s #writephoto prompt is ‘Oh my god. It’s an alien spider. He did bring something back, just like I said.’ Gemma spun and stared where he sister pointed. Ever since their father returned from the Amazon she’d been trying to … Continue reading

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Eyes Up! #writephoto #flash

Sue’s prompt this week is Candice Charming pushed Thomas Reedy back into line. This Year Four were undoubtedly the worst year yet. ‘Mandy, leave Gerry alone.’ She caught her colleague, Millie Stammler’s smile and feigned a heart attack. ‘So what … Continue reading

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Life In All Its Forms #covers

In 2016 I launched a book of 30 short stories based around a challenge I undertook to write 30 stories in November 2015. I called it Life, In A Grain Of Sand after one of the stories but also reflecting … Continue reading

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