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Ice Cream #shortstory #prizewinner

I entered a Word Weaver Writing Contest, run by Dan Alatorre and came, a credible third (equal, but that’s good too). Competitions are something I think I probably need to do ore of as they do hone my writing skills … Continue reading

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Lotus Flower And The Seven Otters: Part 2 #shortstory

Yesterday I gave you part one of  Lotus Flower and The Seven Otters. Here’s the follow up. Enjoy. The piccies? A Homage to my trip to Cambodia where I wrote this.   Stinky was the first to go to Lotus Flower. … Continue reading

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Lotus Flower And The Seven Otters: Part 1 #shortstory

Last Year at this time I was in Cambodia and I blogged about it plus I wrote a short story a day. This two-parter tickled me so I thought I’d re-do it. Part 2 tomorrow. It will feature in my … Continue reading

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What Is The Moon Made Of? #shortstory #blogbattle #scifi

‘What’s your excuse?’ Gideon opened one eye and took in the woman next to him. She hadn’t been there when they’d taken off. She appeared distracted, her eyes roaming the cabin for something, someone. ‘Do I need one?’ Briefly she … Continue reading

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Life, But Not As We Know It #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt this week is ‘Hello?’ ‘Hello?’ ‘You need to open the door.’ ‘Door?’ ‘Can you see it?’ ‘Yes, But…’ ‘Pull it open and I’ll explain.’ ‘But who… why? My dog. Where’s Bonkers?’ ‘Please, just open the door.’ … Continue reading

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An Opening For A Superhero #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s #writephoto is this The Shadow ran a finger round his T shirt (black, naturally). The woman seemed unsure of her footing as she scrambled down the bank. The Shadow rubbed his back. He’d helped far too many people … Continue reading

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I Have A Dream #shortstory #flashfiction

‘I’m having this dream. It starts with me in the dark. Gradually my eyes adjust. At first I don’t hear anything but as the shapes appear the noises start, like a cawing like crows only deeper…’ ‘Are they birds?’ ‘I … Continue reading

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