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Corona: Part Twelve

Part Twelve Janice sat at her kitchen table. She felt like a zombie having had little to no sleep wondering what Thorne was going to do with her. Eventually a call came asking her to come to the station. Her … Continue reading

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Remaining sanguine #isms #shortfiction

You know what’s the worst thing about being a black vampire? People laugh at you when you say you can’t stand the sun. They think you’re a wuss. Drives me nuts and it’s meant I’ve gone undercover, spending my days … Continue reading

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Dusk, Dawn, They’re All Of A Piece #blogbattle

Crestfallen the Biddable goggled at his boss, Demotic the Unwise. ‘Are you sure, sir?’ ‘Do you really have to ask that question? Again.’ The terminally disappointed dictator forced himself to continue even though his teeth sighed at the temporary relief … Continue reading

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Getting The Job Done #flashfiction

John Plont scanned the cafe, before joining Harry Pettimoron. He fitted the iv line and sighed. ‘You well?’ Harry frowned. ‘Missus was a bit runky and the mutt had a touch of the dribblets. Busy day.’ ‘Yeah? What’s on the … Continue reading

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House Proud #prompt #speculativefiction

Mus Souris had a problem. The tornado had been inaptly timed and having his house blown up into an acacia, while normally a mere inconvenience, was a potential disaster. First his soon to be mother in law was coming to … Continue reading

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Outsized #shortstory

‘Gee. Look at the colour of that.’ Betty had her hands on her hips. ‘Opalescent, I think it’s called.’ Pat stood a few feet back, studying the map. ‘Milky green. Like some radioactive mistake.’ Betty turned and glared at Dot. … Continue reading

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There’s Always A Risk Of Flooding #microcosms #flashfiction

‘Mr. Martens?’ Harold Martens started, momentarily lost in his thoughts. ‘Yes?’ The questioner’s tone hardened. ‘Could talk us through the operation from your perspective? Why you did what you did? For Mrs. Golding.’ ‘Golding?’ Left knee. Impact damage. Reconstruction. He … Continue reading

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