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The Art Of Spirit Capture

I mentioned the other day that my next door was in the final throes of editing. Well, it’s come back and it’s going to be ready for a discerning public shortly. This is the cover And this the blurb: Jason … Continue reading

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I see myself as calm, in control. I don’t flap. And then I have to go to an airport, train station, bus garage and I go all to pieces. Perhaps it’s a residue from my holiday planning incompetence. We travelled … Continue reading

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My Father and Other Liars: the Launch #myfatherandotherliars

I’m so close it is within touching distance… A short while ago, that delightful supportive simian Chris Graham permitted me space to announce the forthcoming arrival of my latest book – here. Today Sally Cronin has given me one of … Continue reading

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A Self-Publishing Journey – Other Kindle issues

I started this series to pass on the little I’ve learnt about self publishing. Here and here. This series is the ‘Mind the Gap’ sort between writing the book and trying to market it. The gap, getting it published, is … Continue reading

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A Self Pubishing Journey, Part three – Opening up on Kindle

Hi again. Today I thought I’d have a look at the basics you confront when you decide to publish on Kindle. That’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Here. You’ll need to create an account and then you can follow the easy basics, … Continue reading

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A self Publishing Journey – part two: editing lessons and the other bits of the book

In part one – here – I told you I had had my book edited. When I started on the journey to self publishing, I realised I wanted to spend as little real money as possible. Very much a cottage … Continue reading

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A self publishing journey

Late last year I published my first book. I felt at sea, most of the time. I knew a lot of people had done so, and done so effectively and if I’ve learnt one thing in my 58 years it … Continue reading

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My Father and Other Liars

That is the name of my upcoming book. It was going to be God Bothering but when people saw my cover and the title they assumed it was a tract on theology. So with a little help from my friends … Continue reading

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Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle

  I have a favour to ask. The Artist has been working on some ideas for a cover for my book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle (see above), and I’m wondering what people┬áthink. What appeals? What looks best? Do people … Continue reading

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