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Translating Heroes #theatre

I saw a film in 1985 called Letter To Brezhnev. It was fairly popular but I doubt it travelled widely. It told of a romance between a Liverpudlian woman and Russian sailor and I might have imagined there would be … Continue reading

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In Limboland #Filmreview #limbo

In the 80s we fell in love with Scotland via a film Local Hero. It helped the sound track was by Dire Straits, a favourite ensemble of the time. It was a sort of Travelogue with oil. This week we … Continue reading

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A Clint Of Filmology

I suppose it started with that tune. Moricone’s haunting melody. For a teen, I think I noticed my parents’ reaction as much as the acting. In fact, what acting? Moody violence mostly, with neat bloodless bullet holes and sweaty shootouts. … Continue reading

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My Year-End Search For Wisdom in Verse…

Today I received notification of a rather splendid review of my recently published book of poetry by Ro Newton who lives ‘down under’. I hope you enjoy her rambles and kind words as I did.

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What Is The Point? #films #politics #thetrielofthechicagoseven

Sadly one of many Christmas traditions that Auntie Rona Virus has consigned to the bin is the post Christmas day trip to the cinema. So it’s Netflix or nothing. No, that’s not true. While I indulged my latent passion for … Continue reading

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Papal Bull? #twopopes #filmreview

Back on the sofa, and another film that slipped through the Le Pard net during the old days of cinema visits. Dog chose a different lap to dribble into while one of our aged cats gave my lap the once … Continue reading

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What The Dickens #film #review #davidcopperfield

Confession no. 1 I like Armando Iannucci’s work, especially the Death of Stalin which shouldn’t be funny but was. The Thick of It grew on me too, once Malcolm Tucker’s gratuitous yet oddly twee swearing became just part of the … Continue reading

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The Visit #theatrereview

I can’t remember the last play I saw with two intervals. Some Shakespeare thingy I expect. Not that I can justify two ice creams so we took a box of sliced mangoes that makes me wonder if I’ll ever nail … Continue reading

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Well… #theatrereview #thewelkin

I spent two days intermittently cold while one old boiler was replaced by another newer version. The gas fitter was local – from somewhere close to the Norfolk-Suffolk border. His accent was locally sourced too and easy on the ear. … Continue reading

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Seven Sisters #theatre #film #review

When I was a youngster you’d be hard pressed to find me reading what back in the sixties were considered ‘girls’ books. Mallory Towers, that sort of thing. And especially something like Little Women. I vaguely knew the plot but, … Continue reading

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