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A Chip-Shoulder Interface #limerick

Esther’s prompt for a limerick this week is pet. I had it in mind to spin a funny one but then I read some of the comments… grr, moaning about the vet’s fees… again. It pisses me off, people. They … Continue reading

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Life, Times, Rants #grumble #whinge

We do live in some interesting times in the UK, with a self-confessed reincarnated olive as our premier and with the Transylvanian Member for the eighteenth century in charge of the House of Commons and who has issued his own … Continue reading

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The Post Office Queue

A new follower, here (do check Katie’s blog out; many laughs to be had) raised the subject of the post office queue. Which triggered a rather visceral shuddering. Possibly this is an entirely British phenomenon but if not perhaps this … Continue reading

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