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That Quilt Show

Some more images from my delightful wife’s curated quilt show. One set of quilts inspired by a John Cooper Clark poem.. These were the idea of a city lawyer who leant to quilt when recovering from a serious illness. He … Continue reading

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In praise of… crafts

Jennie Fitzee blogs about life as an elementary school teacher – if you don’t yet know her. Recently she’s run a series of posts about the genesis of two delightful classroom quilts inspired by her children and created by a … Continue reading

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I Really Shouldn’t…

I blog about all sorts and usually aim to avoid controversy. Occasionally my mask slips and you’ll discern what I think about certain politicians, or cultural memes, or incidents of societal neglect. Today, however, I know I will get into … Continue reading

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Airports and Quilts

  Airports bother me. They’re too large and too redolent of Big Brother wrapped up as a shopping experience. To start with, as a Brit, I detest seeing anyone wandering around openly totting a submachine gun. I get that I’m … Continue reading

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