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After The Garden Of Eden #stockphotochallenge

‘I hate that bloody snake.’ ‘What’s wrong, Adam?’ ‘You wouldn’t understand. I’ll kill him though.’ Eve chased after Adam and just managed to prevent him strangling the reptile. As Adam did his double teapot pose, Eve tried to comfort the … Continue reading

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The Penrose Conundrum (After Escher) #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘My bloody mother.’ ‘What’s she done now?’ ‘She asked me to take her car for a service…’ ‘…Okay…’ ‘…so I was in a rush to get to the Post Office to pick up her letter, which had her new credit … Continue reading

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In Any Kitchen Sink Drama, Beware Of The Kettle #flashfiction

‘Hello, Aaron from IT..’ The woman grabbed his hand and yanked him inside. ‘Shush.’ The woman eyes scanned the hall and pointed to the corner of the room. An allseeingeye winked back. Aaron nodded but the woman hadn’t finished. She … Continue reading

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Chinese Whispers

‘What’s made you look so smug?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Sure. I know you, Morgan. Spill.’ ‘That woman over there? The one with the purple hair…’ ‘A fine arbiter of good taste…’ ‘She told her friend I look chiselled.’ ‘You?’ ‘Is that so … Continue reading

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I Hate Those Meeces To Peeces #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘Why the long face, Morgan?’                                                          ‘Aunt Annette is coming.’ ‘Is she a tyrant?’ ‘No. We have mice; she hates mice. She’ll flip if I say or if she sees one.’ ‘Get a trap.’ ‘Can’t. She’ll see it and know.’ ‘You’re … Continue reading

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The History Of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales often stem from real life. Jack and his bean stalk, for instance, has its roots in the battle between Prince Savipattugak and his brother, Giantanaparan.  ‘Gak’ raised an army to defeat Giantanaparan’s forces but the cost was borne … Continue reading

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Fruit: The Ultimate Passion Killer #carrotranch

‘How did the date go, Morgan?’ ‘It was what my old gran would have called a curate’s egg.’ ‘What did you do, Morgan?’ ‘Ate a banana.’ ‘Come again?’ ‘We went to the Peking Paradise…’ ‘Classy.’ ‘Shut up Logan. Then the … Continue reading

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