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Blind To Tragedy #flashfiction #prompt

They all saw the dog. Black, shaggy, watchful. The suit said he couldn’t have known, not his fault. I think he blames the student for bumping into the guy. She’d have been watching the dog, too. At least the dude’s … Continue reading

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Knees Up #carrotranch #morganandlogandoamerica

‘Aunty Madge mailed.’ ‘How is the old loon?’ ‘Fed up with lockdown, though she’s ridiculously excited she’s got a hair appointment.’ ‘What is that all about? A hair cut? Sheesh!’ ‘You’ve got none to cut. Mum always said her hair … Continue reading

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Separated By A Common Confection #dating #carrotranch

‘What was your first date, Logan?’ ‘Karen Doubleknees. We met in holiday. She lived in Skegness. We were sixteen.’ ‘But that’s…?’ ‘500 miles from Chez Logan, yes.’ ‘How?’ ‘It’s not hard Morgan. We used the phone.’ ‘That’s not a date. … Continue reading

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Twenty -four Hours of Existential Angst In The Life Of A Bucket #blogbattle

It had been that sort of day when winds hushed themselves so as not to disturb the peace. Indeed Night, which had got into the habit of falling felt the urge to seep, so much so that Dusk, unaware of … Continue reading

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The Bionicist #shortfiction #wordlesswednesday(not)

The Bionicist Eldrich Pomeroy steepled his fingers and released a silent curse. Fortunately for Hildegard Tilt, even now struggling into the seat opposite from the wheelchair, he had had the presence of mind to attach his recently updated ‘permanently caring’ … Continue reading

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Sam Smith’s Story #prompt #weirdencounters

In her post, here, Sam Smith recounted a strange encounter she had and asked us to speculate what it might mean. This is a summary of that encounter and my take on the reasons for it. Coming towards me was … Continue reading

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It’s Not About The Paint #carrotranch #flashfiction #morganandlogan

‘You decorating, Logan?’ ‘I was fed up with the colour.’ ‘I always thought it was one of those pretentious ‘white with a hint of snot’ thingies.’ ‘It was Forest Dapple.’ ‘You’re kidding? Which bit of that “yesterday’s cappuccino” effect was … Continue reading

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History Repeats #writephoto

‘She’s there, just by the shore.’ Sarah glanced nervously at Martine, hoping for some response. Any response. ‘How far?’ Sarah sighed. Martine was like the others. ‘About 200 yards, at two o’clock. She’s staring out to sea.’ Of course she … Continue reading

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Taking Ice With A Pinch Of Salt

‘Ice with it?’ ‘My dad said that was sacrilege.’ ‘He liked his scotch warm?’ ‘He didn’t like scotch. He just didn’t like others having it with ice. He was a G&T man.’ ‘No ice?’ ‘Always ice and a slice.’ ‘Bit … Continue reading

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The Unfortunate Outcome Of Gender Neutrality In Algorithm Design #writingprompt #speculativefiction

The group of white coated technicians grouped round the plinth. The leader – his status obvious to any outsider by the fact he had the biggest laminated badge around his neck and that his hands were buried in his pockets … Continue reading

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