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Having Faith, One Root Vegetable At A Time ‘#prompt #carrotranch #flashfiction #morganandlogan

‘Wassup? You look like someone’s shrink-wrapped your brain.’ ‘It’s this prompt; I’ve to write about a shard.’ ‘I hate that word.’ ‘Shard? Why?’ ‘Reminds me when I broke Grandpa’s urn. Mum went bonkers.’ ‘How’d you…?’ “Used it as a wicket…’ … Continue reading

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Between A Rock And A Sore Place  

‘Morning Captain.’ ‘Morning Staff. What’s on the agenda today?’ ‘I’m really excited about the first one. It was in the quiz the other night…’ ‘Bit of a geek, aren’t you?’ ‘No, listen Captain. This is cool. Name five of the … Continue reading

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When Living The Life Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be #writephoto

Extract from the Hades Herald series: ‘Time Fillers For Infinity: Jobs For The Dead.’ Interview conducted When Living Temerity Plain. Zelda Bywater is a Portal Management Volunteer who has been helping the recently departed to cross over since her own … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Matter What You Do So Long As You Dress The Part #flashfiction #microcosms

Margery Strool opened the door with her hip, her hands full.  The Prime Minister’s Office seemed empty. ‘Gerald?’ Where the hell was he? ‘You wanted a word about tactics for the meeting with the POTUS and…  Oh shit, no.’ Gerald … Continue reading

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Little Helpers #flash#writingprompt #shortfiction

‘I hate this time of year, you know.’ ‘I’m not listening, Elvis.’ ‘I don’t ask to get picked, Ernie, but I always am.’ ‘It’s a privilege, you know. Errol’s never had a turn.’ ‘He can take my place, any time.’ … Continue reading

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Name Recognition: You Just Need The Correct Association #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘Cora Kingston? Who’s she?’ ‘Taught us English and Ethics.’ ‘Ethics? I didn’t do Ethics.’ ‘Why doesn’t that surprise me. Boring Cora. You must remember.’ ‘A clue?’ ‘Had a voice like dead gerbil.’ ‘Nope. Distinguishing features?’ ‘She liked tweed skirts.’ ‘Geez, … Continue reading

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The Sibling E – A Fighting Vowel #carrotranch #flash fiction

‘What now, Morgan?’ ‘My brother. He said we used to scrap all the time while all I remember is being told we got into scrapes.’ ‘It’s possible you did both.’ ‘You’re sitting on the fence again.’ ‘No, look. You scrap … Continue reading

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