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PMs – Here Today….

I’ve lived through the terms of several Prime Ministers, from Harold MacMillan to today’s incumbent. They all leave, mostly unwillingly… I’ve seen PMs come and go And each time it’s been a blow… To them. * Super Mac was taken … Continue reading

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How Inalienable Are Our Rights?

Some while ago, pre  Covid while in Edinburgh, we passed some EDL (English Defence League, for those readers who haven’t come across them who support a very narrow right wing xenophobic view of what it is to be English) people. … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning Of…

As I sit and try and make sense of the conundrum that is Brexit and, of course fail, I realise so many of the words I keep hearing have hidden meanings that might explain some of what is going down … Continue reading

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Yes Mr Speaker #flashfiction #humour

Martin Clarke stood in the Speaker’s private office and admired himself in the mirror. He shouldn’t be here, he knew but the open door spoke of temptation. One day soon, he promised himself as he adjusted the ermine collared cloak, … Continue reading

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The Day That Albert Singh Died And Lived To Vote #microcosms #flashfiction

Albert Singh held the yellowing picture in his shaky hands: his great grandpa in his whitest turban, about to board the Collette. He laid the image down, shaking his head and picked up the next: his grandmother Moira, from north-east … Continue reading

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Something a little bit different.

Generally I keep away from the great triple trip-ups on this blog: namely politics, religion and whether skinny jeans are fashion items or something to hold your varicose veins in place. But one thing has been bugging me recently and … Continue reading

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Bodies, everywhere?

Are you gloomy about Britain? Are you gloomy about this planet of ours? We approach our referendum on our place in Europe and one of the hot potatoes, if not the hottest potato, is immigration. From Europe but also the … Continue reading

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