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Garden February #earlycolour #poetry

Still, despite Storm Caira and a fair old dousing of rain we have many shooting hints of the colour to come. Primulas and primroses, hellebores and budding roses, the signs are all there. Buds and breaking bulbs. Magnolias are nearly … Continue reading

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A Legend In His Own Lunchbox #writephoto

A Legend In His Own Lunchbox The Rt Hon Gabriel Forstaller-Plumb wrinkled his nose while his intern gripped the too small wellington boot and heaved. Gabby squealed as he nearly tumbled over. ‘For Chrissake Carlton, be careful.’ The underling quailed … Continue reading

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Things Go Better….

I gave Chelsea Owens Terrible Poetry comp a go and I wasn’t bad enough. Judge for yourself. The idea was to come up with an alternative advertising jingle… We can stick it up our nosesWe can rub it on our … Continue reading

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Yep, Poetry #poems #poetry

Jabbering On (Jabberwocky, Lewis Carroll) ‘Twas brillig and the slithy toves Did what Toves do, on wet Tuesdays When old men exclaimed ‘By Joves’ As Nanny burped and loosed her stays. The rabbit tapped his watch and spat ‘Oh come … Continue reading

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Encore Un Poem #poem #poetry

Dodgy Ozy: A Man For All Seasoning (Ozymandias of Egypt, Percy Bysshe Shelley) I met a traveller from an antique land A dodgy geezer from my wild youth Who used the pseudonym of Ozy. I hesitated for a while: Was … Continue reading

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Poetry Readathon #robbiecheadle

Robbie Cheadle kindly invited me to be part of her Poetry Readathon. In it I share two poems I wrote early in my poetry writing career one of which I updated and read at my daughter’s wedding this August. Please … Continue reading

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And another bit of poetry

Another poem based on a famous verse, treated with total disrespect. Do let me know what you think How Do I Love You? (Sonnets From The Portuguese XLIII, Elizabeth Barrett Browning: number 25) How do I love you? Let me … Continue reading

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