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What Is A Poem? A rhyme, a meter or none of the above?

What Makes a Good Poem?   How do you know when you’ve penned a good poem? Is it better for the use of a metaphor? What about imagery without simile? Would it be neater with one simple meter? Is it … Continue reading

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Mothery update

Regular readers will know I have been keeping an eye on the moths visiting my garden. They come in all shapes and sizes and, frankly, are often jewels of nature with subtle colour shifts. Often as not the difference between a … Continue reading

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Gardens of Love #parents #poetry #gardens

As spring is a gorgeous month and in memory of my parents and their love of the garden here are a couple of dad’s poems to mum, based around her love of the garden, interspersed with pictures from our garden this week… your tour guides … Continue reading

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Conferences #poems #poetry

I don’t do many conferences these days. I wrote about one such recently, here. I was however reminded of a poem I wrote after trailing to the Italian Lakes for a conference on the ‘Structure of the Law and Legal … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful (really)

Ok so there has been a fair bit of gloom about the year just gone but what better way to put it to bed than a bit of poetry  It wouldn’t be much of a stretch To say 2016’s been … Continue reading

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Hag Stones #poems #poetry

Hag Stone: a stone with a naturally occurring hole through it created by the actions of water: it reminds us of Gaia, Earth Mother and the divine feminine and is said to have magical properties, bringing luck and health From the sea … Continue reading

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‘They come in many disguises’ #shortstory #flashfiction #poetry

While I’m not blogging, here are a selection of small pieces I’ve written recently mostly for various prompts.  Maybe this should be a prompt? I’ll give it thought…

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Becoming a Man #poetry #prompt #kyrielle

Jane Dougherty has prompted us to write a Kyrielle, which you’ll find described here but to add to the trickery we have a picture and some random words. Thanks Jane. For some reason a somewhat masculine theme came to mind. Nowhere … Continue reading

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Two into one: will it go? #cleavepoem #poetry

Jane Doughtery has given us the challenge to write a cleave poem. This is an odd form, two poems cleaved into one. You can read it as a whole or as two separate poems. At least that’s the idea. I’ve … Continue reading

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Life Lessons

Jane Dougherty has a regular poetry challenge. This one – the Novo Otto – has echoes of my favourite sonnets so I thought I’d give it a whirl. There were tasks when I were a lad That I was taught … Continue reading

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