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What Would You Rhyme With Orange? #thesincerestformofpoetry #booklaunch

The delightfully forthright and funny Chel Owens has kindly hosted a few Q&As about how I came to write one of the poems included in my new book. She hosts the A-mused poetry contest and is a generous and supportive … Continue reading

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The Sincerest Form Of Poetry #poems #poetry

I have, at last decided to bite an awkward shaped bullet and publish some of my poetry. I have a title (see above), a cover (below) and enough poems to warrant its being called a ‘book’. Publication date is still … Continue reading

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What To Do When You’re Going Bonkers: Part Historic

We began cleaning the house, carefully taking every room apart and then restoring it. It’s thrown up some hidden gems – a packet of Hoola Hoops with a sell-by date of 2006 fr’instance. And it’s shown up my inner lawyer … Continue reading

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Cold? Nah, Just Brassish… #garden #philosophy #poetry

There’s an old expression about the cold: ‘It’s cold enough to freeze the knockers off a brass monkey’. Which sounds rude but isn’t (or so the Archaeologist told me once – something to do with how they used to stack … Continue reading

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Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (Or Not) #poem #poetry

Scotland, specifically Edinburgh during the Fringe, is an inspiring place full of ideas and concepts, and not a few conceits. We saw things to make us wince, to stop the breath, to trigger tears and lots and lots of laughter. … Continue reading

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There’s No Such Thing As A Free Innis #poetry #poem #wbyeats

Continuing my rewriting of the nation’s favourite poems, today we corrupt W.B. Yeats’ bit of fluff The Lake Isle Of Innisfree. Here’s a link to the original if you’re unfamiliar with it (lucky you). I almost studied this for my … Continue reading

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A Peace Of Advice #poems #poetry

Sometimes poetry comes in the form of good advice, and you wonder where from… Never pick your nose in public Or roll it in a ball And if you must pee outdoors, Just not against the wall. … Your zits … Continue reading

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The Old Road (with random pictures…) #dad’spoems

I thought, to be different I’d offer another of my father’s epic poems for you, interspersed with some pictures from Crystal Palace Park. There’s no obvious link, just I rather enjoy both. The Old Road (A Tale Of The New … Continue reading

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What Is A Poem? A rhyme, a meter or none of the above?

What Makes a Good Poem?   How do you know when you’ve penned a good poem? Is it better for the use of a metaphor? What about imagery without simile? Would it be neater with one simple meter? Is it … Continue reading

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Mothery update

Regular readers will know I have been keeping an eye on the moths visiting my garden. They come in all shapes and sizes and, frankly, are often jewels of nature with subtle colour shifts. Often as not the difference between a … Continue reading

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