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When Love Hurts #Limerick #poem

Esther’s latest Limerick prompt is trouble His love life was in dreadful troubleWhen patches of the spikiest stubbleDislodged her vajazzleCaused her tassels to frazzleAnd burst one fake boob like a bubble.

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Verb Love

Verb Love Her past was tense, poor Sally McGrawPerched on that fence, neither either nor or,Plucking a flower, he loves me or notDriving her crazy, forget-him-the clot.But Harold McGee’s principle weaknessIs plain, you see – a crippling shyness;Harold loves Sally, … Continue reading

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Limericks: Those Awkward Rhymes

This week’s prompt is ‘church’ from Esther When an ascetic churchwarden, called Bunt Found out what they’d done to his punt Which was covered in baubles He said, ‘Bless my corbels; Whoever did this must be some sort of an … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Rain

The flowers, a riot of colours, Crinkle wrapped, Sit sentinel, gently rotting in the sun As a curtain of rain squalls across the tarmac, Pixelating the blossoms to abstract. Eyes turn skyward, Anticipating the rainbow, Mirroring the display, Now dank, … Continue reading

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Cool: Limerick

Buff Sixpack knew he was coolAs he posed in the gym and the pool;He thought his hot bodWould make girls think him god;Instead all they saw was a tool. Based On Esther’s prompt

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The Naming Of Soups

This time’s #terriblepoetry from Chel Owens is to write a soup on soup. Of course it is… The Naming Of Soups There’s a type of soup called Vichyssoise Sounding posher than mulligatawny, Hinting perhaps of a little French class With … Continue reading

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Nursery Rhymes for the Post Pandemic Utopia #poems #poetry

Prompted by Chel Owens’ Terrible Poetry Nursery Rhymes For A Post Pandemic Utopia Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall When a man with appal- -ing taste in novelty knitwear Pushed him off and told him To sit on his own … Continue reading

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A Golden Shovel Poem (Part Two) #terriblepoetry

I’d just got my head round Chel’s Golden Shovel challenge when it changed, here. Now it was take your poem and use the last word of each line in that poem as the last word in each line of your … Continue reading

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Limericks #limericks #poetry #poems

Some you may have seen before, some I’ve published elsewhere, some are new. See which is your fav… When Percival Troon ate a curry His bowels turned good food to slurry With indecent haste He began to lay waste To … Continue reading

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Perfect Couplings #terriblepoetry #poems #poetry

Chel Owens is back with her terrible poetry prompt, here. This time it’s a sonnet which were encouraged to make romantic. But how much romance is there? This is my take… Perfect Couplings History is littered with perfect lovers Like … Continue reading

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