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After Sangatte: Based On Sea Fever By John Masefield #poem #poetry

It’s about time I revisited a classic English poem and added a modern spin to it. This one was prompted by the regular tragedies that take place between France and the UK as desperate refugees try and make the short … Continue reading

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Dotty Doggerel #poetry #poems

I’ve penned some nonsense recently which I thought I’d share as we plunge into lockdown. It may amuse or instigate a groan… Limericks Being part troll, Jane was excessively hairy Which sad to relate made her naturally scary. She tried … Continue reading

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Basil And Mabel #A-musedpoetry

A silly little poem, for Chelsea’s prompt Basil and Mabel Basil and Mabel went to SpainAgain and again and again. He drove from DoverAnd to remain soberHe’d refrain, refrain, refrain. One day on the CostaHe thought he’d lost herThe pain, … Continue reading

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Verb Love #poetry

Her past was tense, poor Sally McGrawPerched on that fence, neither either nor or,Plucking a flower, he loves me or notDriving her crazy, forget-him-the clot.But Harold McGee’s principle weaknessIs plain, you see – a crippling shyness;Harold loves Sally, and that … Continue reading

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How To Be A Green Poet #booklaunch #booktour #poetry

Back when I was small a green poet would have been (a) Irish (b) naïve or (c) somewhat mildewy. Today it clearly means someone who both pens verse and is looking at greener alternatives for how we use our fragile … Continue reading

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How To Dance And Other Poetry #booklaunch

On my tour of the blogiverse to launch my poetry book, The Sincerest Form of Poetry, I’ve reached Ritu’s blog, But I Smile Anyway. She’s managed to make me explain how I came to write a poem in praise of … Continue reading

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Writing In Fractals

I walk a lot. Mostly with Dog, come rain or shine. Sometimes I let my thoughts run free, more a mental ramble really. At others I have the radio on, BBC Sounds, some podcast an Audible book. And occasionally it … Continue reading

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When To Kipple #poetry #booklaunch

One of the most assiduous supporters in my bloggy world is the delightful Willow Willers who I’ve met several times at bashs in London and Birmingham. Her energy and enthusiasm for other bloggers is extraordinary and it was no surprise … Continue reading

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The Genesis Of Poetry #thesincerestformofpoetry

As part of the launch of my first book of poetry I’ve been over at Robbie Cheadle’s lovely blog, Robbie’s Inspiration, talking about how I end up with the poem I’m happy with. You may be interested, as my maths … Continue reading

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The Sincerest Form Of Poetry #poetry #poem #booklaunch

Hi again. This is a cheek, of course but at last my first work of poetry will be on the shelves on 30th September. It’s 50 odd pages of high quality verse, from laugh out loud to grab the tissues. … Continue reading

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