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My Life as a Shadow #poetry #poem #sonnet

Most people would say I’m a saddo If I told the truth of my employ Because hitched to your feet as a shadow Is hardly what sane people call joy.  I follow you wherever you wander A shape that is … Continue reading

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Molluscs Frolicks #poem #poetry

  The constanza is a poem with a rhyming scheme of ABB, ACC, ADD etc. This poem describes a trial that sums up my world outdoors … If at any point my life seems drab and stale My head begins … Continue reading

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A little bit of sonnetry #poem

I’ve had a poem published. . Who knew it was a thing. If you’d like to click through then here’s the link…. http://wordsforthewild.co.uk/?page_id=1783

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First day Of Spring

So on the first day of spring, we had weather that was anything but… This ditty was one of Dad’s favourites SPRING HAS SPRUNG THE GRASS IS RIZ, I WONDER WHERE THE BIRDIE IS? THE BIRD IS ON THE WING! BUT … Continue reading

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What Is A Poem? Is it about the words?

Scamming Grammar I’ve always hated grammar So imagine my surprise When suddenly last summer I came across this prize A message in a bottle That really made me frown It forced my stops to glottel And turned my verbs to … Continue reading

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In Flanders Fields

  Three years ago a display of ceramic poppies filled the moat at the Tower of London. I took some pictures and then the Archaeologist recited possibly the most powerful WW1 poem and sent me the link. It’s attached below … Continue reading

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Cabbages and Kinks #poetry #health

Ok so it’s chard not cabbage but it is green, it’s healthy and full of vitamins and grows easily in our South London micro climate. But I don’t eat enough. Greens. Never really did. The Archaeologist, contrarian that he was, … Continue reading

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