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Driving Ambition – A Poem

My driving is perfection.I know this because I drive a Ford Cliche,And have one aim when behind the wheel:to remove the worst driver in the world,Arthur Goode, from Britain’s roads.In my car, I am perfection,I am the enemy of the … Continue reading

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A Thought… #limerick

The Right Reverend Dean of Dundalk Liked to help newly weds with ‘The Talk’. ‘Now don’t you go bragging, For a weekend of shagging Will leave you both unable to walk…’

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Holiday Temptations

A blogging friend (Anabel who posts here) is off to Lewis in the Hebrides for a holiday later this year. I holidayed there with the Textiliste back in 2015 and we had a splendid time of it. I even waxed … Continue reading

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A Golden Shovel Poem (Part One) #terriblepoetry

Chel Owens tempts us, here with her terrible poetry prompt, though this one isn’t actually hers. Take a famous poem. Take each word in the first – or other line – and use those words to end the lines of … Continue reading

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There Yet: A Poem

I moaned, as a child If made to go on a walk. ‘It’s good for you,’ he’d say. As if I cared. Those miles, Wasted space in a day. Each step a trial Each foot a mile. Pointless to ask, … Continue reading

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It’s Just A Number

Funny thing, birthdays. They keep turning up, like the man who regularly knocks on the front door and tries to sell me horse manure. ‘Lovely stuff, Mr Le Pard. Nice and friable. Good for the roses.’ Like my birthdays. This … Continue reading

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Misled #poem

I have been the subject of a fiddle, Seduced by the central aisle in Lidl. I went to buy some chocolate buttons But before I knew it I’d stumbled up on: An ebony statue of Liz and Phil; An ancient … Continue reading

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What Larks! #limerick

Lance Greenfield has recently been running Esther Chilton’s weekly Limerick prompt. This week’s prompt is lark, stimulated, so Lance tells us by his love of Vaughan Williams ‘Lark ascending’. So I ended up with this… A Lark ascending, by and … Continue reading

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Did Someone Say ‘Cabbages’? #poem

PISSARRO FOUND POETRY IN THE CABBAGE If you listen to the fashionistas of the modern culinary arts, When they describe perfect roasts or sumptuous lemon tarts, You’ll hear their words of praise for all those fruits and meat And how … Continue reading

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Passing The Baton #poem #poetry

Some 12/13 years ago, the Textiliste and I drove to Nottingham, to Sherwood Hall where our son, Sam was to be based for the first year of his history and politics degree. He was excited, nervous maybe and me… I … Continue reading

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