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Aunts Aren’t Gentlemen, So What Does That Say About Great Aunts?

PG Woodhouse was clear about how devilish Aunts could be in his fabulous Bertie Wooster books. But what of Great Aunts? I’m lucky enough to have two aunts, both of them are alive and well and with power to add … Continue reading

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The F***You Up #filmreview #goodbyechristopherrobin

You wonder at some people. I enjoyed Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy so, as a sort of instinct I thought only good of the man. Then, a few days ago he was interviewed in a National Sunday, dissing Winnie … Continue reading

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Aunts aren’t Gentlemen

  So declared PG Woodhouse in one of his fabulous Bertie Wooster books. A year ago today  mused on the subject of aunts, under the same heading, for a flash fiction prompt so, in homage to that post I thought … Continue reading

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Aunts aren’t Gentlemen

Charli Mills tagged me as the source of the prompt she has given us this week: February 4, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes a nutty aunt. What makes her nutty? Is … Continue reading

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