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Pandering #oldladies #cats

I’ve talked about our ancient cat, Nutmeg, who passed her 25th birthday this summer. She’s still mobile, still eats heartily and still detests the new interloper, Tipsy with the passion of the slighted Dowager. However, her hips are stiffer than … Continue reading

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Week Thirty: 2022

I’ve started this on Friday. The Euro final is on Sunday. England v Germany. Groan. As someone once said. Football is a simple game of eleven v eleven, one ball, two halves and the Germans win on penalties. Above all … Continue reading

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July Garden: Dust Bowl Dulwich

It’s sad when the weather buggers you about. Eight weeks ago we were looking green and pleasant, all very micro Jerusalem. Then the rain buggers off to Oz, the heat is turned up to gas marked 10, my budding tomatoes … Continue reading

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Week Twenty-Eight: 2022

As mentioned elsewhere, this is a ‘Phew! What a Scorcha!’ Of a week. Records of this and that and the other kind are likely to tumble. I’m going to try and stay indoors and out of the heat. I may … Continue reading

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The Garden: July 2022, Part One

Goodness, we are being beaten up by the weather. We don’t water, as no doubt the Tower of London does its wildflowers so ours are beginning to wilt. The month was grand at the beginning… but recently it’s been getting … Continue reading

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Week Twenty-Seven :2022

We’re in for a heat wave which is a pain. I may live with a woman who defends the thermostat with the zealous disregard for male hypothermia that was previously applied to protecting her children from even the mildest frost, … Continue reading

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Week Twenty: 2022

This week has been garden based, mostly, much to Dog’s frustration. A bit of lawn maintenance, a fair bit of planting and weeding and general this and thatery. Beyond the garden and walking Dog, I spend a fair amount of … Continue reading

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In Praise Of…

Recently I’ve written about Dogs and have been possibly a trifle unfair to cats. After all we have had a long line of cats. Maybe it would be strictly accurate to say the cats that have lived here have allowed … Continue reading

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That First Time

There’s a lot of difficult stuff in the news just now and normally I rise above it. But sometimes, amongst the flippancy and frivolity, there’s different emotion lurking and I was drawn to this piece about my first experiences of … Continue reading

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Whatever Next

I was rummaging around my blog, looking for something I’d written a while back and came across this, written for my first anniversary of blogging in April 2015. I offer it up for… well you decide. The Le Pard family, … Continue reading

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