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Pearl Barley And That Crow #writephoto

This week Sue Vincent’s #writephoto prompt is a crow. A crow so happens to feature a lot in my latest work in progress, a humorous urban fantasy based on the exploits of a character that has appeared here before, Pearl … Continue reading

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Weather Or Not #writephoto #WIP #extract

In response to the latest #writephoto’s prompt, I’ve adapted a short extract from my current WIP, a humorous fantasy novel involving a character I’ve written about before, Pearl Barley in The Surge Of The Spirits. In this section, we meet … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley And The Tree Sprites Of Badger’s Trollope #writephoto

Pearl Barley stood by the lectern. Pearl was a recently qualified exorcist working for Spirits Release, the leading secular agency in the UK. It specialised in the management of an individual’s post-life inertia following a personalised expiration event (commonly known … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley And The Seven Gnomes (Oh, And A Stone Frog)

‘What is it, girlfriend?’ Pearl Barley, five foot and small change and built for comfort not speed hurried towards her front door. Her hair pulled her back. ‘Hold on. We’re not going out with me looking like an overwrought bramble … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley and Gnorman Gnome

Pauline at The Contented Crafter wrote a post recently in which a small gnome took a meaningful role. One thing followed another and the suggestion followed that I write a short story about the Gnome. Pauline kindly allowed me to use … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley And The Recalcitrant Incumbent #prompt #shortfiction

Pearl Barley stopped by the wrought iron gate and looked at the picture postcard church. Well maintained exterior – check; neatly trimmed grass – check; fresh daffodils around the lytch-gate – check; goblin in the tower – check. Yes, this … Continue reading

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Passing The Test #shortstory #pearlbarley

Colin Inglenook stared at the screen, his fingers convulsively gripping and releasing. A droplet of sweat splashed from the end of his nose, adding to the dark stain in his lap. Pearl Barley swallowed. The stain had changed since she … Continue reading

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