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Pearl Barley and Gnorman Gnome

Pauline at The Contented Crafter wrote a post recently in which a small gnome took a meaningful role. One thing followed another and the suggestion followed that I write a short story about the Gnome. Pauline┬ákindly allowed me to use … Continue reading

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Pearl Barley And The Recalcitrant Incumbent #prompt #shortfiction

Pearl Barley stopped by the wrought iron gate and looked at the picture postcard church. Well maintained exterior – check; neatly trimmed grass – check; fresh daffodils around the lytch-gate – check; goblin in the tower – check. Yes, this … Continue reading

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Passing The Test #shortstory #pearlbarley

Colin Inglenook stared at the screen, his fingers convulsively gripping and releasing. A droplet of sweat splashed from the end of his nose, adding to the dark stain in his lap. Pearl Barley swallowed. The stain had changed since she … Continue reading

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