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The Art Of Spirit Capture #shortstory #creativewriting

Three years ago, in response to a prompt from Sue Vincent, I wrote this little Christmas piece. Since then, I’ve worked through the idea behind the piece and have now written a novel with this at its heart. It’s a … Continue reading

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Book Update #amwriting #buster&moo

It has been a while. Buster & Moo, the next book off the presses is complete, edited, cover finalised in all its forms and I’m ready to go. So I just have to format the lovely little thing  and launch … Continue reading

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Buster & Moo – an update #amwriting #novel

‘The rehomer led in a stocky, predominantly white male. On his ears and flank he had large brown patches. “The brindle one has kennel cough so unless you really wanted to wait for her, I thought I’d bring the next … Continue reading

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A Reminder about Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle #Comedybookweek

Just a reminder to those interested, my first book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle, is now free on Kindle for 5 days between 18th and 22nd July as part of Comedy Book Week. It is also free on Smashwords. I’m also … Continue reading

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A Give Away: my first book #Comedybookweek

Comedy Book Week is the baby of Anna Spoke. You can find out about it here. It is an annual event so please considering signing up to the newsletter for news of the next one. My first book Dead Flies … Continue reading

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Phew! #amwriting

Last year I set myself a challenge of writing a novel in weekly instalments. Buster and Moo I called it. I reached November, pretty much on track but nano and one thing and another and i never finished it. So … Continue reading

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For a few days now, while I’ve been away with friends, one writing topic has been bugging me. Nano 2015. You know, National Novel Writing Month where you spend November in a  frizz of anxiety and anticipation, trying to churn … Continue reading

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My Father and Other Liars

That is the name of my upcoming book. It was going to be God Bothering but when people saw my cover and the title they assumed it was a tract on theology. So with a little help from my friends … Continue reading

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Salisbury Square

Thursday: afternoon Jan Nowak sat at a wooden bench, leaning his elbow on the sun bleached table. To his left the faded elegance of Brockwell House created a deep shadow over the steps which led to the café. A couple … Continue reading

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