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The Visit #theatrereview

I can’t remember the last play I saw with two intervals. Some Shakespeare thingy I expect. Not that I can justify two ice creams so we took a box of sliced mangoes that makes me wonder if I’ll ever nail … Continue reading

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Jellyfish – A Review and Thoughts On Differences #theatre #review #thoughtpiece

I am a product of my upbringing and environment and have lived through many changes in attitude and the acceptability of cultural memes and the understanding of how societal approaches can impact others adversely. Today there’s a storm around the … Continue reading

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A Veritable -Nys Up #theatre #review #rutherfordandson

The National Theatre has a glorious tradition of quality revivals of previously obscure, not to say, ‘lost’ dramas and giving them the full deep tissue reincarnation. This play, Rutherford and Son which I initially took to be a main stage … Continue reading

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Beetroot Drama

Pink. Good in the garden. Stereotyping in girls. Friday night at the National Theatre to see the female written, directed and acted Top Girls. Sunday lunch successfully introducing the joys of roast beetroot to my cousin’s 4 year old daughter. … Continue reading

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Telling Tales #stories #nationaltheatre #review

I’ve been suffering with a tooth issue which recently has been bugging me. And as with most aches in my life it emanated from the school of the absurd. I damaged my tooth biting on a baked potato skin. The … Continue reading

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When Absolutes Are Anything But…. #review #theatre

I’ve been having a ‘mare with ordering theatre tickets recently. For our last two trips I seem to have managed to order five tickets for each performance. Ordering four might have some logic in that we might take one or … Continue reading

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Ugly lies the bone #theatre #review

Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone Beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own This saying, source unknown is a take on one from the 17th century and resonates today, in our image obsessed culture … Continue reading

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Sunset at the Villa Thalia #review #theatre

My last trip to the theatre was ended with a cough that sounded much like the engine of my Honda 250 after I put it back together and found I had acquired two spare nut thingies. My companion told me … Continue reading

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T is for Theatreland #atozchallenge

London is one of the best places to enjoy live entertainment, never more so than its theatres. Theatreland around Leicester Square is where you would naturally aim though as I pointed out in N is for Nationals, the National Theatre is … Continue reading

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Jane Eyre – live and in lights

You’ve read the book. You’ve probably seen the film. Now you can take can the stage play. When the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (bear with me here) first came out, it was written as a radio series. The Book, … Continue reading

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