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How to choose a name #dog #memories

How do you chose a name? Mine was apparently after Geoffrey Chaucer the medieval English author (my mother, pretentious… you could say) and my brother after our grandparents (Christian and surnames). We just went with what we liked except… both … Continue reading

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Of Course It’s The Germans… #officelife

When my law firm decided, circa 1990, that the way to future glory was to expand our international offering, we already had a presence in Paris, Madrid and Brussels. The aim was to cover the major European nations which meant … Continue reading

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France and Me: An Unrequited Something Or Other

Last week, during an episode of the interminable soap opera that is Brexit – nothing quite defines us as our inability to leave – President Macron of France apparently stood out against 26 other EU nations and said, loosely translated … Continue reading

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The Naming Game – dangerous territory for parents #flashfiction #carrotranch

Charli’s prompt this week is about the importance of names. December 15, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) explore the importance of a name within a story. It can be naming an experience, introducing an extraordinary name, … Continue reading

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Why did I have such a stupid bloody name? #name #humour

Le Pard. Why not Smith? Or Jones? Or something humbly bland? Geoffrey rather than Jeffrey is bad enough – my German colleagues assumed the ‘e’ was silent making me Goff, a sort of lisping noiriste of a lawyer – but … Continue reading

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On the road to nowhere

As a youngster I loved a pre Python TV show aimed at children called ‘Do not adjust your set’. Palin, Jones and Idle starred alongside Neil Innes and the Bonzo Dog Band. Denise Coffey also played many a part. One … Continue reading

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Me and France: a tale of a label and a mirror

On Saturday last I sat watching another instalment in the long running ‘war without weapons’ that are sporting engagements with France. France won. Deservedly so. As it was rugby the final whistle is always tinged with a frisson of regret: … Continue reading

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