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Nano Num-Nums No. 4

Yesterday it was a young David Jason, who as a young man appeared on Do Not Adjust Your Set. He made a name for himself as Ronnie Barker’s hapless assistant Granville in Open All Hours. However he is rightly adored … Continue reading

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He talks to the trees…

… they say Prince Charles does. But what if they talked back? What would he hear? I wrote a short piece for a prompt here, which, as I’m not at the moment sharing my Nano offerings, I thought I’d share … Continue reading

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Nano Num-Nums No.3

Nano is going well for me and thus far the Num-Nums appear to be going down a treat. Nano Num-Num  day 3 sees another British comedy experience. Yesterday it was the Bonzos, who appeared on Do Not Adjust Your Set, a … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Nano Fear

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Nano Num-Nums no 2

Yesterday I posted on the Rutles and mentioned the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and the Neil Innes link. In the 60s I met the Bonzos on Do not Adjust Your Set, a comedy with Michael Palin, Eric Idle and Terry Jones, … Continue reading

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Nano num-nums

Three blogging friends have screamed at me in that silent but deadly way that happens in blog comments ‘NNNNOOoooooo!!!!!’ to me posting extracts of Harry Spittle’s new story, fearing spoilers for book one which they still have to read. And maybe … Continue reading

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A snippet or two from the Last Will of Sven Andersen

Yep, I’ve started my Nano project. It’s going well. Very well. Probably rubbish but a story is taking shape and I’m having fun with some old favourite characters as well as some new ones. I asked if people wanted me to … Continue reading

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James cubed – a theatre review

The National Theatre is showcasing three plays by Rona Munro, called the James Plays. They cover three Scottish kings who were all, imaginatively, called James. This is an area of history that is poorly known and understood. As a consequence … Continue reading

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Stuck in a rut

November is not the month to get stuck. It is NaNoWriMo for those foolhardy enough to sign up. Up goes my hand. I knew I’d try again having had a shot last year with a YA book. This year I … Continue reading

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Late autumn colour

Today it is the First November. It is meant to be cold and wet and a time for anoraks and heated car seats and soup and steamy breath. So what’s with my garden?

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