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Apprenticed to my Mother: on camera

My mother was 81 when she moved into her new bungalow. She had a knee replacement soon after dad died having been putting it off while he was ill. Never one to exercise or indeed do anything that might be … Continue reading

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Apprenticed to my Mother: The Great Outdoors

My mother loved her garden. The family home in Hampshire morphed from an awful clay pit with a few decrepit fruit trees into a beautiful oasis. My parents put extraordinary effort into the conversion. Fortunately their skills were complimentary: mum … Continue reading

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Apprenticed to My Mother: fine wining and constant dining

My mother loved to cook. That’s not really the full explanation of the importance of food in her life. She loved to be the creator of comfort and food featured highly in that equation. When I was a child she … Continue reading

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Apprenticed to my Mother: Unpicking the Family History

It was Mum’s idea. ‘You need to know who’s who.’ She had a small blue attache case, the sort that usually contained cotton reels or buttons. This one was jam packed with black and white photographs. She picked up one … Continue reading

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Apprenticed to My Mother: Other people’s funerals

Mum had a quixotic relationship with funerals. I’ve always considered the seven ages of man to be best described by what the happens to our longest  friendships and how we celebrate with them: we meet them at school and share … Continue reading

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Pink Radios and Champagne – the Art of being Cosy #carrotranch

The last prompt from the Carrot Ranch is here December 29, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a cosy story. What is it to be cosy, to experience Danish hygge? It doesn’t need to be culture-specific, … Continue reading

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Apprenticed to my mother: memories of a season ticket

Dad commuted to work on a steam train; for me, a little boy with small knees and a big imagination that was more exciting than Christmas. How can I be sure of that? Is such unfounded confidence in a memory … Continue reading

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