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The Day That Albert Singh Died And Lived To Vote #microcosms #flashfiction

Albert Singh held the yellowing picture in his shaky hands: his great grandpa in his whitest turban, about to board the Collette. He laid the image down, shaking his head and picked up the next: his grandmother Moira, from north-east … Continue reading

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Doing Lines, Crosing Lines #microcosms

‘What did you do, sir?’ ‘Tell us about Jerry, sir.’ Always the same. Trying to distract him. The cacophony of fourteen year old voices rose to a peak. Old Gibblets will tell us about the war and then the class … Continue reading

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Just How Real Do You Want Your News? #microcosms

‘Who the hell are they?’ Ed Glint grabbed the microphone. On screen four black-clad figures surrounded Roger Primm’s desk. ‘What’s going on, Rog?’ inquired Ed, irritation saturating his voice. The large clock showed seven minutes until they were live. ‘Beats … Continue reading

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Plasticising Your Problems #microcosms

Waxworks can be creepy places at night, but Rodney enjoyed the solitude. When management arranged a Halloween sleepover for pre-teens, the high-pitched screams and youthful urine nearly made him resign.   Wandering the corridors, Rodney imagined conversations with Queens and … Continue reading

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Let Them Eat Cake #microcosms #flashfiction

‘What’s wrong with the Boss?’ Sandra regarded the POTUS, currently crumpled over a large desk. ‘He’s waiting on the twitter storm.’ ‘So why’s his Chief of Staff grinning, Pete?’ ‘After the last four years? Give me a break. A little … Continue reading

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A bit of blood, a bit of bother #microcosms

  Another Day, Another Decapitation ‘What do we have, Waldron?’ Detective Inspector Plummet pulled on his latex gloves and peered at the body. ‘Same M.O. as the others, sir. Drowned. In his own blood.’ ‘Usual calling card?’ ‘Yes. Fourteen rubber … Continue reading

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A Career Of Highs And Lows #microcosms #flashfiction

Sergio Pontus took his job as hangman seriously though he preferred ‘final dispatcher’ as his sobriquet. His own knot, known as the ‘Sergio Slip’ earned plaudits for being easy to make, comfortable to wear with minimal abrasions and quick to … Continue reading

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