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This Sporting Life

As readers will know, I’m something of a sporting aficionado, and it takes little to engross me in a sporting contest. I can pretty much identify the moment when I moved from indifference to all and every sport to a … Continue reading

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I Swear

As a child I was sheltered from the adult world in many ways. One part, to which I returned this week was swearing and what one might describe as Oaths, Ancient and Modern. During my primary school years, I became … Continue reading

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Putting A Stamp On It

The Textiliste is a craftperson of no little skill. Bi-annually she and her colleagues in the local quilting group put on a show and it falls to her to curate it. The venue is a spectacular house in Dulwich where … Continue reading

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Going Back, Going Forward.

I’m not very good at reunions. I get oddly apprehensive. But last night my old firm of lawyers had a dinner for retired partners in their new offices in the City of London. They now occupy ten floors of an … Continue reading

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Wordle, Smurdle

Yet another friend drives me batty with a pic of their daily wordle success. Like I care. Still, I’m not one to chirp; I hate to miss my daily sudoku fix, my preference being the killer version, the trickier the … Continue reading

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Yoghurt And Other Savings

When the pandemic hit, we took note of the early shortages: toilet rolls, flour and gravel (some recipe; goodness knows what the cakes tasted like but I doubt they rose much). We planted veg and we made our own yoghurt … Continue reading

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Counting On It #memories

I was chatting to a friend who asked – oddly, many do – if I’d been turned onto this Wordle thingummy yet. No, I replied, I’m a loyal Sudokan which may be a made up word but sounds rather cool … Continue reading

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Mechanised Farts: The Motorcycle Years

I’ve owned several cycles, from the barely functional to the state of the art (and crashed every one, with or without the assistance of others). I’ve owned several cars (and dented them – I’m especially talented at ripping wingmirrors off … Continue reading

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Aunts, Ancient And Modern #familymemories

PG Woodhouse was clear about how devilish Aunts could be in his fabulous Bertie Wooster books. I’ve been lucky with my aunts, both of them are alive and well and with power to add to the gaiety of nations. But … Continue reading

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The Garden 2021

January February March April May June July August September October November December And here’s to a splendid 2022, with or without the ridiculous beard…

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