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Naturalised Londoner – The Outdoor Life, Part Two

In part one I set the scene, of my joys as a delivery boy, here. The nadir so far as this role was concerned came in the Spring of 1980. The senior partner had a client who worked in the … Continue reading

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These days my handwriting would be best described… and not actually experienced. It is cursive only in the sense that it engenders in the reader an overwhelming and uncontrollable urge to curse. It wasn’t always thus… Who am I kidding? … Continue reading

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Cycling for beginners

Don’t be mislead by the image above; I was useless at repairing my bike but since it was the only method of escape from the less than splendid isolation of a New Forest cottage in my teenaged years I tinkered … Continue reading

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Hair today and gone tomorrow.

Lisa Reiter, she of the bite sized memoires, has prompted us with a photo challenge around hair. Bad Hair Day ! Rather unfair, seeing as these days I am folically challenged more than most. In a way, of course, the progression … Continue reading

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Still crazy after all these years

Lisa Reiter has gone trekkin’ crazy this week and has asked us for our bite sized memoires on the subject crazy! Her crazy was exam induced and I think, in the absence of real madness in my world (or at … Continue reading

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dressing up – the Archaeologist and the Aztec

I love dressing up. I really do. Have done since I can remember. I suppose it’s part of a classic ‘make ’em laugh and they won’t hit you’ strategy. See, I was a big child – an eye-watering 10 pound … Continue reading

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