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Limericks Encore…

Prompted by Lance, here… While sunning herself by the NileQueen Cleo reminisced with a smileShe said to a flunky‘That Mark Anthony’s hunky…Do we have him perchance on speed dial?’

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I thought I’d write a few more… When Percival Troon ate a curry His bowels turned good food to slurry With indecent haste He began to lay waste To Hampshire and large parts of Surrey * Last night, to the … Continue reading

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When You Don’t Pay Your Bills

Norris Bonge, a builder from Penge Wasn’t paid for installing a henge. He turned to the Druid Saying: ‘My terms are quite fluid,’ As he peed on the stones in revenge.

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Limericks, etc…

Lance Greenfield has taken over from Esther while she recuperates as the Limerick promoter in chief. This week’s words were Moist Damp Wet And this is what I came up with… In surveys, the worst word is moist But really … Continue reading

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Christmas/New Year Limericks #poetry

As parents we parrot the mantra ‘Be good or you’ll miss out on Santa’. But they know we’ll regret Making good on our threat By morphing from angel to gangster. * Annually we solemnly resolveOur past crimes to try and … Continue reading

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Dotty Doggerel #poetry #poems

I’ve penned some nonsense recently which I thought I’d share as we plunge into lockdown. It may amuse or instigate a groan… Limericks Being part troll, Jane was excessively hairy Which sad to relate made her naturally scary. She tried … Continue reading

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Lockdown Limerick

Courtesy of Esther Chilton’s prompt (this week ‘zoom’) With zoom, we’ve begun to obsess,on the question of how we should dress.Do we wear full regalia?Or bare genitalia?Face to face, there was never this stress. And for Dog lovers…

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Poetry? A limerick? Does That Count?

Esther Chilton prompts limericks on her blog, here. This week’s prompt was moan and this is what occurred… Make of it what you will… After an epic Kardashian moan,The devil turned Kim’s buttocks to stone.Being no longer callipygous*She became quiet … Continue reading

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Lockdown Limericks #poem #poetry

A doctor called Frederick Lee Tried sex at his desk with nurse Fi. It wasn’t successful And made them quite fretful Till she dressed in her full PPE. Or… George was a confident chap Who’d woo nurses with banter and … Continue reading

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A to Z: A is for Aberystwyth

  I signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge for April, to see if I had the discipline. Here is the link and the rules. So I need a theme (well, it’s not strictly necessary but it does … Continue reading

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