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Flushed and Fabulous – a homage to sewage

I don’t want you to get the impression I’m obsessed with London’s sewage system but, see, the thing is, without the extraordinary achievements of our engineering forebears, the London that developed over the last 150 years would not have happened. … Continue reading

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E is for the Embankment #atozchallenge

  The Victoria Embankment to be exact. Which is a dual carriageway along the side of the Thames from Blackfriars Bridge to Westminster Bridge. So what, I hear you ask, is so¬†special about a piece of urban tarmacadam? It reeks. … Continue reading

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My kinda town (number one)

There may be not number two but just in case… This is number one. Well, actually it is number¬†two really since I posted on a church in Brick Lane back at the end of June but counting is boring. Sorry, … Continue reading

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