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How Many Tea Leaves Are There In A Tea Bag #flashfiction #interview technique

A recent article in the Guardian was sent to me by a friend on new interview techniques, suggesting I might like to create a little flash piece from it. Here is the article, and here is the flash… ‘I think … Continue reading

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Picking (At) A Winner (or what not to do when interviewing)

I found myself doing something that, frankly, is going out of fashion. I was with a group, discussing something worthy and I doodled. Nowadays the distractions tend to come electronically with the subtle, and often not so subtle, phone use … Continue reading

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Dinner guests…

I made a momentous decision in 1976 – apart from asking the Textiliste for a date, that is. I decided that my premier career option would be to qualify as a solicitor once I had finished my law degree. I was … Continue reading

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Interview Technique

When the Lawyer began his job hunting post University, there was a certain amount of chitchat between us about interview technique – very right and proper; after all, I’d been in the business world; I could help, couldn’t I? Well … Continue reading

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Democracy and interviews

What is he on about, you may wonder. Prompted by Lisa Reiter we are asked for our memories of interviews. I’m a bit Churchillian here. Re democracy he said, in 1947: Democracy is the worst form of government, except for … Continue reading

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