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That Christmas Letter… Martin Apostle Writes

25th December Dear All, It has become customary, I’ve found, for friends and family, to enclose a letter with their Festive cards summarising their family’s many glorious achievements during the past year. These missives have taken on the glowing uniformity … Continue reading

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The Curious Buttocks Of Norris Skiffle

I’ve started pulling together another collection of short fiction from what I wrote on my blog in 2018 to follow on from Life In A Flash and Life In A Conversation. This will be provisionally called Life Sentences and the … Continue reading

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If Only… #writephoto

If Only…. #writephoto Hieronymus Hampton settled behind the ancient desk and rubbed a cautious finger across the much scored beading. So many great men and a few women had sat here, he mused, and now him. Prime Minister. It had … Continue reading

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The Bona Innocence Of Youth – Polari and The BBC

As a child, Sundays had a certain set piece feel to them. A roast lunch for sure. For some years the Archaeologist and I were dispatched to the local Sunday school at a Methodist Church in Upper Caterham where I … Continue reading

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Singing Till The Sky Screams #writephoto

Harrison Harris pulled at the straps of his overalls and sucked on his pipe. ‘Nasty,’ he opined. Mrs Jepson-Soffit folded her arms tighter across her chest causing her bosoms to wonder, not for the first time if they had chosen … Continue reading

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If In Doubt, Build A Rockery #blogbattle #innocents

Innocent It is often assumed that, in the world of the Celestial everything is perfect. There’s God and then there are angels. But for every St Peter and his border controls, there is Gabriel and his defence forces and Michael … Continue reading

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Mugged Off

I was given this a while ago. W e’re an increasingly green household – not that the children leave us much choice. Thus single use takeaway cups for my copious coffees are verboten. Sitting, enjoying myself with a cappuccino I … Continue reading

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