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Sometimes It Doesn’t Pay To Be Blunt #shortfiction

So,’ Dr Stelios Gobbe peered at the skeletal figure stretched out on his couch, ‘you’re not yourself, you say.’ Stelios winced. When Ulysses ‘Lardy’ Wainscoat has booked a session he’d explained his recent mutism to the receptionist, asking that he … Continue reading

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Purgatory Rocks #writephoto #creativewriting

‘Is that it?’ Hortense de Vitriole stopped and pressed her hands into her hips. She hoped to create the illusion of contempt, but, in truth it was to try and defy the double stitch that climbing to the escarpment had … Continue reading

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Fractures And Fissures #writephoto

I thought I’d have another go at Sue’s latest #writephoto prompt Herbert Petticoat was a man who had found his niche both literally and metaphorically. As the senior geological archivist (northern section) of the Geological Survey, his office was a … Continue reading

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Chumming Up And Deceptive Appearances #1975 #bristoluniversity #lawdegree

I began my law degree at Bristol University in October 1975, determined to reinvent myself, meet interesting new people and learn about the law. None of it proved as easy as I’d hoped… Having failed to make an impression with … Continue reading

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Is There An I In Ford #chelseaowens #hilaritycontest #douglasadams

Chelsea sets challenges here, and, in honour of a Towel Day and a homage to the late, great Douglas Adams has asked for a tribute awful poem to the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy. I couldn’t resist and, channelling … Continue reading

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Fluted #blogbattle #shortfiction

LeAnne Perrin considered herself the epitome of the have-it-all modern woman. She had two beautiful – everyone said so – children; a modest, diligent, loving partner – they consciously refused to wed, despite the emotional blackmail of her mother, declaring … Continue reading

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Lockdown Limericks #poem #poetry

A doctor called Frederick Lee Tried sex at his desk with nurse Fi. It wasn’t successful And made them quite fretful Till she dressed in her full PPE. Or… George was a confident chap Who’d woo nurses with banter and … Continue reading

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Modern Manners #sonnet29

From time to time I like to take the first line of a favourite poem and rewrite the rest. Sonnet 29 is one of Shakespeare’s most famous. This is it When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,I all alone … Continue reading

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Weather Or When #shortfiction

Good morning, people and who do we have here?’ Janice shuffled nervously forward, avoiding the over large hailstones that obstructed her path. ‘Tsk,’ Rodney Carbuncle clapped his hands and a broombot scuttled across the terrace and swept the debris away. … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of A Motel Room On The Third Floor #carrotranch #morganandlogan

‘Logan! Logan! HELP!!’ ‘What on earth…? It’s 4.00 am.’ ‘I’ve gone blind!’ ‘Here. Stand still.’ ‘I’m falling!!’ ‘Better?’ ‘I… oh yes. My eye-mask. I forgot.’ ‘Why do you wear that thing?’ ‘I stop dreaming…’ ‘And have nightmares instead? What was … Continue reading

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