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Grit And The Irony Of Brian #writephoto #shirtfiction

Grit McNoniface was a lowland troll. Unlike their better known highland cousins, lowland trolls were smooth skinned, hardworking and small. Indeed, they were so unlike the stereotypical image of a troll, that they were often mistaken for a pixie or … Continue reading

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Rocking It

‘And you’ve thought this for how long?’ ‘Eons.’ ‘Eons?’ ‘’Yes. Several eons. Many. More than a handful. A heck of a lot…’ ‘Yes, got it. For eons…’ ‘Lots of..’ ‘Lots of eons you’ve believed yourself to be..’ ‘I am stone.’ … Continue reading

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Tailored To Fit The Crime #blogbattle #shortstory #flashfiction

Detective Sergeant George Corduroy tugged at his creases, trying to sharpen them. He felt wretched and that made him feel angry. He shouldn’t be made to suffer. It wasn’t fair. It was… yes, he was being bullied. Passive aggressively. The … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name #carrotranch #morganandlogandoamerica

Logan and Morgan are still in the US, drifting around the rust belt and heading for the Ranch. Morgan got them involved in a march a few prompts ago and maybe things are taking a strange turn… ‘You okay, Morgan? … Continue reading

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Dog At Leisure

This poem is based on the famous poem, Leisure, by William Henry Davies What is this life, if full of care? Go fetch my lead, don’t comb your hair. Don’t give in to untimely sloth, I know what fun awaits … Continue reading

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What’s Luck If Not An Incontinent Seagull? #1975 #bristoluniversity #memories

I began my university life in October 1975. It was life changing in many ways and the degree I ended up with set me up on the path to success. But in that first term and year, I learned little … Continue reading

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And The Joke Is On…. #flashfiction #humour

Crawford focused on the message to distract him from the swell. ‘Two bodies, males. One poisoned, the other to be determined. Both look suspicious. Going to be a real laugh.’ He sighed. Meldrew was a pain, as if suspicious deaths … Continue reading

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Full Sentences #carrotranch #morganandlogandoamerica

The boys are still trying to reach the Ranch but things go haywire when Morgan has a nightmare… ‘Morgan! Morgan! Are you alright? ‘Wha…? Bloody hell, that was weird.’ ‘You were screaming something.’ ‘I think it was eating those cheese … Continue reading

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It’s A Tricky Job, This Magicland Narrator Gig… #shortfiction

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away I found myself in the role of Most Excellent Narrator. Not sure how that happened; one minute I’m watching ripples concentric on a lake and making a wish that I’d … Continue reading

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The Devil Is In The Dentures #morganandlogandoamerica #carrotranch

Somewhere in a motel bedroom in Michigan Morgan and Logan are relaxing in front of the TV…. ‘Can’t you sit still, Morgan?’ ‘I am.’ ‘You’re not. Your foot’s twitching like you’re wired to the mains and everything is vibrating. I … Continue reading

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