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Blog Battle, One Heck Of A Prompt

I try and do some short fiction pieces on this blog and for that, often rely on the stimulus that prompt’s give me. I still take part in Charli Mills’ weekly offerings at the carrot ranch but one of the … Continue reading

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A Day In The Life Of A Celestial Being

Archangel Gervais tugged back the drape with a flourish. ‘Your portal to undreamt realms.’ Not his best, he admitted to himself but work was work. ‘It’s a bit sparse.’ Celia Triangle shuffled her bosoms dismissively. Gervais sniffed. They’d said she … Continue reading

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France; It’s Part In My Downfall #memories #frenchlessons

all images are from my first time in France during a summer trip, 1976 with three friends Today’s headline is about the possibility that the Royal Navy will be empowered to board French fishing boats who stray into British territorial … Continue reading

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Every Dog Will Have His Day #shortfiction #humour

I’m putting together a book of short fiction pieces into an anthology that will go live in the new year. Called Life Sentences it will cover most genres and POVs. This is one story form it as a teaser. I … Continue reading

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Festive Traditions #carrotranch #loganandmorgan #flashfiction

‘What did you do for Christmas, Logan?’ ‘?’ ‘You must have some family traditions?’ ‘What? Like waking up with Santa dribbling into the hall carpet because he fell asleep there when he came back from the pub, having to be … Continue reading

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Between the devil… #flashfiction #flashfriday

‘What have we got, Dickens?’ ‘Bit of a dust up between the locals, sir. The blonde woman and the chap in the diving suit.’ ‘Can’t you get her to cover up? Drawing a bit of a crowd.’ ‘Not really, sir. … Continue reading

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Musings From The Kitchen #prompt #shortfiction

Diana Peach at Myths Of The Mirror has prompted us to write about our muse. But what if… It had been a heck of a day. So many interruptions, but finally I’d settled down to write. That’s when the door … Continue reading

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Be Careful What You Wish For #flashfiction #flashfriday #humour

Be Careful What You Wish For Terrance stopped, breathless. ‘You’re not going to wet yourself, are you?” Of course Susan grinned, disarming any passive aggressive overtones. He’d ignore her. ‘It’s unique.’ ‘When were termites unique?’ ‘These mounds…’ ‘Yeah, yeah.’ She … Continue reading

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‘Here we are.’ ‘Are you sure this is a new motel. It feels the same.’ ‘There’s no ashtray.’ ‘Small mercies. I’m losing track of time.’ ‘You’ve never cared about time.’ ‘Very Einstein, Morgan. What’s that even mean?’ ‘You’re never on … Continue reading

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Basil And Mabel #A-musedpoetry

A silly little poem, for Chelsea’s prompt Basil and Mabel Basil and Mabel went to SpainAgain and again and again. He drove from DoverAnd to remain soberHe’d refrain, refrain, refrain. One day on the CostaHe thought he’d lost herThe pain, … Continue reading

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