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Is There An I In Ford #chelseaowens #hilaritycontest #douglasadams

Chelsea sets challenges here, and, in honour of a Towel Day and a homage to the late, great Douglas Adams has asked for a tribute awful poem to the Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy. I couldn’t resist and, channelling … Continue reading

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Fluted #blogbattle #shortfiction

LeAnne Perrin considered herself the epitome of the have-it-all modern woman. She had two beautiful – everyone said so – children; a modest, diligent, loving partner – they consciously refused to wed, despite the emotional blackmail of her mother, declaring … Continue reading

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Lockdown Limericks #poem #poetry

A doctor called Frederick Lee Tried sex at his desk with nurse Fi. It wasn’t successful And made them quite fretful Till she dressed in her full PPE. Or… George was a confident chap Who’d woo nurses with banter and … Continue reading

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Modern Manners #sonnet29

From time to time I like to take the first line of a favourite poem and rewrite the rest. Sonnet 29 is one of Shakespeare’s most famous. This is it When, in disgrace with fortune and men’s eyes,I all alone … Continue reading

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Weather Or When #shortfiction

Good morning, people and who do we have here?’ Janice shuffled nervously forward, avoiding the over large hailstones that obstructed her path. ‘Tsk,’ Rodney Carbuncle clapped his hands and a broombot scuttled across the terrace and swept the debris away. … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of A Motel Room On The Third Floor #carrotranch #morganandlogan

‘Logan! Logan! HELP!!’ ‘What on earth…? It’s 4.00 am.’ ‘I’ve gone blind!’ ‘Here. Stand still.’ ‘I’m falling!!’ ‘Better?’ ‘I… oh yes. My eye-mask. I forgot.’ ‘Why do you wear that thing?’ ‘I stop dreaming…’ ‘And have nightmares instead? What was … Continue reading

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Dancing In The Dark #writephoto

Sebastian Clunt blinked. He blinked a lot; it had become his go to way of avoiding answering awkward questions but now, rather than a tactic this was instinctive. He couldn’t believe his eyes which, since his whole existence revolved around … Continue reading

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