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Ron Bonemarrow And The New Job #writephoto

This week’s #writephoto is a trifle weird ‘So how was it?’ ‘Fine.’ ‘Nice people?’ ‘They’re okay. What’s for tea?’ ‘Cabbage. What did you do?’ ‘You know. Things. What sort of cabbage?’ ‘Boiled. And I don’t know what things. That’s why … Continue reading

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When Choosing Isn’t Really An Option #writephoto

This week’s #writephoto prompt is Celia Footpedal looked left then right. This was definitely off. Not a moment ago she was in Naomi Pleasedimple’s garden, enjoying some of her fruit compote surprise. Now she was in a field of some … Continue reading

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Redecoration #flashfiction #prompt

My dear blogging friend Hugh, to be found here, and if you don’t read his blog, do so forthwith, sent me a WhatsApp and in the exchange I said I was repainting the utility. ‘Use it as a prompt for … Continue reading

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Musings From The Kitchen #prompt #shortfiction

Diana Peach at Myths Of The Mirror has prompted us to write about our muse. But what if… It had been a heck of a day. So many interruptions, but finally I’d settled down to write. That’s when the door … Continue reading

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The Blue Door #blogbattle #shortfiction

Was it really just a week ago? Time seems to have come loose, it’s lost its shape, its coherence. I recall the start. That much is easy. I can recall the exact time, too. Six am, by St Stephen’s clock; … Continue reading

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Castle Hunting #writephoto #humour #flashfiction

The estate agent looked at the clipboard and sighed. “You’re going to love this one, Mr Dracula.” “You said that last time. And please. Count Dracula.” “One Dracula, two Dracula…” The agent offered a cheesy grin to his bloodless passenger. … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Three

Inspector Thorne waited. Janice Strutt took a moment to compose herself. He’d pretty much accused her of being involved in the mysterious burial of human remains so her silence wasn’t a surprise. What was, was her eventual reaction. She stood … Continue reading

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Corona: Part Two

If you would like to begin at part one, click here. If you are already up to speed, then off you go… Mrs Strutt? Detective Inspector Thorne. I met you when…’ ‘When Roger died? Yes, I remember. You were a … Continue reading

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Corona #blogbattle #shortstory #horror

“Well, I’ll be blowed.” Janice stuck her head through the loft hatch. “What is it, Roger?” Roger Scrutt pulled a dusty black leather box out from behind the water tank. “Dad’s old typewriter. I thought Mum said she’d got rid … Continue reading

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If Music Is The Question…

… then at least so far as I concerned Karma Chameleon is not the answer. The year is 1983. The Textiliste and I have moved into a flat in Tooting, a early century, purpose built maisonette, our first purchase. We’d … Continue reading

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