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Why did I have such a stupid bloody name? #name #humour

Le Pard. Why not Smith? Or Jones? Or something humbly bland? Geoffrey rather than Jeffrey is bad enough – my German colleagues assumed the ‘e’ was silent making me Goff, a sort of lisping noiriste of a lawyer – but … Continue reading

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International Rescue (South London) branch

Good things come in threes, right? That’s the myth, or legend or old wive’s tale or whatever. On Wednesday the front doorbell went – well, the doorbell went, we only have one. Our next door neighbour stood there, demure and … Continue reading

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In a week when Neighbours celebrated its thirtieth anniversary and the co composer of its theme tune died, I thought I’d post about the pros and cons of neighbours from a personal perspective. Post student living when neighbours shared a … Continue reading

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