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Ahhhh! Day One…

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Italy, One Last Time

I’m staying in a village in the Colli Euganei National Park near Padua. These a few images from our first evening. We’ve eaten well and here’s some foodie shots to make you jealous. Today we walked around some of the … Continue reading

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Images of Venice

We decided to walk around the town today and the countryside tomorrow. Here are some images The last image is what you first see on leaving the station. It’s easy to be blown away. And then the threatened storm rumbles … Continue reading

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Ok So I’m A Lucky…

Just landing… it started like this Went to this… And ended with these In point of fact I’m staying an hour away with friends for some walking but it happens Venice is the nearest airport. Maybe we’ll pop in…

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Why Not Party Like It’s 2022 #finland #beingbonkers

The (young, female) Finnish Prime Minister came in for some ridiculous flak for being filmed letting her hair down with some friends. I can understand people wondering how at the point of filming Michael Gove giving it some some, but, … Continue reading

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The Insipid Traveller (part 2): Baby Steps #holidays #travel #hernebay

Every summer holiday from when I can remember until 1970, when I was thirteen and we’d moved making the journey more problematic, we stayed with my grandmother in her Georgian terraced house overlooking the sea at Herne Bay on the … Continue reading

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And Finnally, Mad Music And Murky Meals: #finland

And this is the last Finnish post, or should that be the Finnish Line? Lots more pictures and some ott weirdness… Why is it that, miles into a Finnish forest my phone had 4 bars of signal, 4G too whereas … Continue reading

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Finnished Yet? Nope, Here’s Another

People seemed to enjoy my Finnish reprise of our short holiday there a few years back. So this is my take on Helsinki and Tuurku the former capital. As ever I tend to see things from a slightly off the … Continue reading

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Going Pembroke: Tiny Wales

Day two and a longish drive after exercise with the Vet (legs bums and tums plus a cheeky cardio and abs finisher). Cheeky being apposite because at some point during the session my right buttock began deflating, and the abs … Continue reading

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Part Two: You Old (French) Romantic #france #french

More reminiscences of France… I married in 1984, May and we decided to postpone a proper honeymoon until later because, well, we were pretty skint. But, in case that wasn’t romantic enough, we had four days in Paris. It didn’t … Continue reading

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