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It’s A Sign

When I was a child a new set of street signs came out, following one of those Commissions that are beloved of governments who give sinecures to old white males who might otherwise have opinions and voice them. My favourite … Continue reading

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H is for the Bay and the Hill – the Tale of Two Hernes

I had planned a post on Hull, Hell and Halifax, a line from a seventeenth century poem dealing with the desperate position you might find yourself in, in those three places; Halifax especially as the Lord of the Manor could … Continue reading

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Salisbury Square

Thursday: afternoon Jan Nowak sat at a wooden bench, leaning his elbow on the sun bleached table. To his left the faded elegance of Brockwell House created a deep shadow over the steps which led to the cafĂ©. A couple … Continue reading

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Circling Dulwich

Dulwich, for those who don’t know it, is a ‘village’ in South London famous for its boys’ public school, its art gallery and its association with Mr Pickwick. It is a small oasis, neatly tucked between Brixton and Peckham to … Continue reading

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