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The Perfect Haiku #poem #poetry #haiku

Only collared doves On top of Nelson’s Column Make perfect High Coos

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A miss is as good as gold…

… or something like that. So Ronovan’s Haiku challenge, number #35. This week’s words to incorporate are: MISS PAST I had a French teacher at my grammar school, Miss Post – Peggy when we were being polite and a spoonerism … Continue reading

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Beast for a day

Ronovan’s latest Haiku challenge is here. Check it out. Our two words are BEAST  and DAY I’ve come up with three this week First up, stimulated by Sacha Black’s prompt here It snapped; the beast froze. A predator or a … Continue reading

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Haiku to you, too

Ronovan’s weekly challenge: FAME:WAR When fame taints friendship War replaces love and we mourn Though day will break again. * Pro Patria Mori: War’s natural duplicity Or fame’s epitaph?  

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The aspiring novelist – haiku challenge

Rare, indeed, is he Who can accept a critique Of his art with grace. It is rarely done Well, said his harsh judge, for once In full agreement. This is part of Ronovan’s Haiku challenge #32

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Haiku for you too

Another week, another haiku challenge from Ronovan and this time the prompt is: Wait and Move Let’s see what we can find from these two words. Remember the form: three lines with a  5-7-5 meter. First up a problem some mornings Dilemma … Continue reading

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Who can resist a challenge

You know I like a bit of poetry but I’ve never tried haiku. Then I came across Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge and, what do you know, I thought, give it a go, son. The prompt requires you to include two words … Continue reading

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