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A follow up to a thought and a favour

Yesterday I posted on my current book and raised the issue of the cover. Interestingly while that generated comment (which I will come on to) so did a topic I didn’t raise specifically. The title God Bothering Why didn’t I raise … Continue reading

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A thought and a favour

I want to talk about my next book. The title I have is God Bothering But it’s not primarily about religion. The basic premise arose from thinking about my relationship with my father. Years 0 to 16 were just dandy; … Continue reading

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God Bothering

Maurice Oldham, known to one and all as Mo, feels life is passing him by as he heads for the wrong end of his thirties. When his wife losses her baby in the latter stages of her pregnancy, his world falls apart. … Continue reading

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Busy Bees and Idle Hands

Some of you may have noticed a falling off in my postings. I have a reason, though not an excuse. As I’ve mentioned here before I completed a novel for an MA a while back and have been dithering and … Continue reading

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