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May Garden, After The Rain

A week on and… It always looks very perky. As does Dog… And the views from the hill on our favourite walk are as contemplative as ever.

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May Garden: a bit of colour #garden #May2022

The first half of May has been dry and happily, today the rain has come. It perks everything up. That said, a lot grows at this time of year and some colour is bursting out… And Dog is out and … Continue reading

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Week Sixteen: 2022

If you’re on a bit of a break, then a catch up on what’s on your mind is a bit contradictory. But hey, it’s easy to throw a few things down. As you’ll know I had a procedure and it … Continue reading

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April Sunshine #garden

So even April is scuttling towards the summer with Easter done and dusted and May no longer so unsure that it should be renamed Will when we get there. In the garden the blooms continue, this year’s tulips are stunning, … Continue reading

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Marching On #marchgarden #2022

And so it ended. A cold end after a mild week, so we had a bit of everything. April has started promisingly but let’s not get ahead. We had signs of flowers and shrubs both continuing and peeping through… the … Continue reading

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The Garden – A Comparison

Several people have commented on how far ahead of their gardens is mine. I thought I’d dig into the archive and post some comparisons from the last few years. March 2019 March 2020 March 2021 March 2022 I’d probably say … Continue reading

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Mid March Garden – Are We There Yet?

Is it spring? Has it sprung? It’s peeking out but a frost now could be a real bummer… So what do we have? Magnolias Daffs and snake’s head fritillarias Anenomies and other perennials Camellias forsythia azelas and other shrubs And … Continue reading

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Week Ten: 2022

When I started this post, I was planning on going skiing, flying out on Saturday. However to enter France and ski I need to be triple vaccinated (tick) and swear that I have not been in contact with someone who … Continue reading

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Spring Poking Out #garden

We have some signs… Colour… Buds and fresh leaves… And excess rain.. Even Dog is checking out the growth… or maybe fox scent… It’s exhausting…

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That Garden Post: February 23rd

It’s been wet. It’s certainly been windy. Three named storms in a week which is a first. It’s not been cold and we’ve had a fair bit of sunshine. The wind. Well, lots of debris and one of our neighbours … Continue reading

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