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The Garden: January 2022

No one’s garden, at least this far up the Northern Hemisphere, looks any good in January. There’s a bit of green, a lot of bare patches and an unconscionable amount of cleaning up to do. That latter has kept us … Continue reading

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Week Two: 2022

So there I was, wondering why the tax authorities refused to recognise me. They’ve taken enough tax from me down the years so you’d think they could put a name to a tax bill by now. After a week of … Continue reading

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The Garden 2021

January February March April May June July August September October November December And here’s to a splendid 2022, with or without the ridiculous beard…

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A Year In The Garden

And of course, this…

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Gardens, Post Apocalypse

A bit of an exaggeration this, but it has rained and blown rather a lot so the autumn clear up which we’ve been holding off is now underway. Gone are the remnant of some of the cosmos and helicrysums and … Continue reading

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October 28th That Garden Thing

Lots of debate here about the next year. The wedding planning meant the garden became a beast, delightful though it was and the overarching ideas to reduce the workload going forward were postponed for a year. That said we rather … Continue reading

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The Garden, October 11th – A Study In Colour

It may officially be autumn and the sedums and the cherry trees are colouring as expected for this season but the flower beds, given our Indian summer (am I allowed to use that expression still?) are still in full show … Continue reading

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A Transformation

Over the last three years we’ve worked to transform various parts of the garden. One bed, originally called the Hot Bed because it was always in the sun looked like this. It’s the bed on the right of the old … Continue reading

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Post Wedding Garden

Funny thing, gardens. Put a marquee down and the grass squeaks and squeals like a tickled gerbil. But plan all you like for the flowers to be at peak bloom on the big day… And, bugger it, if they don’t … Continue reading

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The Garden, One Week To You Know What garden #weddingpreparations

By now you’re on tenterhooks, whatever those instruments of torture are, alongside me. Seven days and of yesterday and whisper it in the darkest most sound absorbent corners, it’s looking… Oh, you decide. Here’s a gallery of shots from the … Continue reading

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