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God’s Janitor

Cardinal Spencer brushed cigarette ash off his sleeve; another stain removed. He watched the police hold back the crowds, while the paramedics worked futilely to punch life into the Pope’s chest. The white choir dress began to stain red, this … Continue reading

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Fighting The Good Fight, One Semi At A Time

George ‘Bad Ass’ Potts wanted to be a terrorist. He had weighed up the career options and decided this one suited the mix of his personality (prefers own company, likes fires) and technical skills (good at not being seen, always … Continue reading

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I Hate Those Meeces To Peeces #carrotranch #flashfiction

‘Why the long face, Morgan?’                                                          ‘Aunt Annette is coming.’ ‘Is she a tyrant?’ ‘No. We have mice; she hates mice. She’ll flip if I say or if she sees one.’ ‘Get a trap.’ ‘Can’t. She’ll see it and know.’ ‘You’re … Continue reading

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Oil And Troubled Waters #writephoto #flashfiction

Eric Semibreve goggled at the scene that presented itself. The reception at Great Meldrop police station wasn’t small but it could barely contain the two constables and the enormous woman standing between them. She dripped puddles of dark liquid onto … Continue reading

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Dangling Mattocks: Mervin Versus Fluffikins #flashfiction

When the careers master, a man of sulphurous halitosis and infinite pomposity put him on the spot, Mervin Thomas said, ‘Plumber’. And off to plumb he went. At weekends, Mervin wrestled, glorying in his Andean biceps, while on weekdays Mervin … Continue reading

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Castles In The Air #writephoto #flashfiction

Meldrew and Marigold exchanged bemused looks. ‘This must be number 33,’ Meldrew couldn’t hide the defensive note creeping in. ‘That last house was definitely number 31 and it’s odd numbers this side.’ Marigold peered at the rectangle of expensive white … Continue reading

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The History Of English Speaking Statues #writephoto

Robinson Balustrade held up a hand. The crocodile of year four’s finest came to a messy stop. ‘Alright, everyone take off their packs and… yes, Prentice? Toilet? Try the ash tree… the one that looks like Mrs Worple after her … Continue reading

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