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Eyes Up! #writephoto #flash

Sue’s prompt this week is Candice Charming pushed Thomas Reedy back into line. This Year Four were undoubtedly the worst year yet. ‘Mandy, leave Gerry alone.’ She caught her colleague, Millie Stammler’s smile and feigned a heart attack. ‘So what … Continue reading

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If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Hat #flashfiction

Prendegast ap Tyrol stared at the diorama and fumed. How could they? They’d made a half-decent job of his face, with just the right depth of chin-dimple and rendering his cheekbones at an encouragingly rugged thirty degrees. And if his … Continue reading

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All Things White And Wonderful #writephoto

Sue Vincent’s prompt this week is There are days when all the planets seem to align and the world is a better place. In countries plagued by drought a warm sun is interspersed with refreshing showers to feed stressed crops … Continue reading

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Deer, deer #writephoto #prompt

It’s been a while since I did one of Sue’s #writephoto prompts but here we go again…. The Misocrimbalist* In a world of superheroes Vernon Ongar wasn’t your typical vigilante. He wore corduroy to begin with and parted his hair … Continue reading

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Life, Death and Fishing #microcosms #flashfiction

Another short piece in response to the Microcosms 81 prompt Fisherman/Battlefield/memoir ‘Where do you think Grandpa is now?’ Jessie studied the old man. ‘Fishing, I’d guess. He goes a lot these days. See how he grips? Big beast he has there.’ ‘Did … Continue reading

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The Lonely Hearth #writephoto #flashfiction

This week’s #writephoto picture prompt is this ‘You started a fire, then, Didi?’ ‘What? Yes, I did. He said to get right on to it. He was really insistent.’ ‘He’s made it, has he? About bloody time. I’m starving. What … Continue reading

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Something To Crow About

This week’s prompt from Sue Vincent’s #writephoto stable is this  ‘Hello?’ ‘Sorry? Did you…?’ ‘Speak? Yes.’ ‘But you’re…?’ ‘A crow. Yes.’ ‘How…?’ ‘Right now ‘why’ is more pressing.’ Jim Pale stood back. This was a joke. Some teen’s trick. Or … Continue reading

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