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The Wife #filmreview

The title was a bit off putting – it rather gave the game away – as was the blurb. The cast had a lot of quality – Jonathan Pryce, Glenn Close and Christian Slater – but this whole put upon … Continue reading

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When Is An Ending Not An Ending #review #film #firstreformed

When I began writing my first novel, a lot of emphasis was placed on the opening – did it draw the reader in, was it flabby, lightweight? I’m not I’ve ever managed to get my beginnings just so and I … Continue reading

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Isle Of Dogs #filmreview

Everyone who reads this blog know I have an ongoing love interface with Dog. We get each other. When our local picture house announced their first dog friendly screening of the new Wes Anderson film, Isle Of Dogs, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Plasticine Rocks #earlyman #filmreview

I’m not entirely sure when I first saw Wallace and Gromit in action, but I do know it was in The Wrong Trousers. Since then I’ve marvelled at the skill of stop motion animation, the storylines and the in-jokes, adopted … Continue reading

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It’s All In The Post #thepost #filmreview

I remember well All The Presidents Men. Redford and Hoffman, of course but also Jason Robards as Ben Bradlee the fearsome editor of the Washington Post. What distinguished it was the tension that the story telling generated even though we … Continue reading

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Telling It As It Is #filmreview #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri

There are comic moments when you can catch yourself laughing and then checking to see if you’re the only one. Sometimes it’s because of the company you’re in. Mostly it’s because you’re pretty sure part of the joke is the … Continue reading

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Darkest before Dawn #filmreview #darkesthour

I’m a bit of a snob, that’s incontestable. And it can manifest itself in several ways, one of which is an unedifying arrogance about certain aspects of our history. Films that touch on areas I have studied, or read about, … Continue reading

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